Condiments that complement nature


Posted at Jan 16 2023 03:38 PM | Updated as of Jan 23 2023 02:11 PM

Restocking pantry supplies is a must for Filipinos who love cooking. Seeing the ingredients in your pantry full and complete may inspire those who spend most of their time in the kitchen. 

Photo source: Pexels
Photo source: Pexels

However, as we throw away plastic bottles after restocking our pantry supplies and condiments, where do these bottles go? We might unknowingly be contributing to the Global Plastic Pollution Crisis.

NutriAsia has committed to Datu Puti being a net-zero plastic waste brand since 2020, partnering with Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX), the organization that aims to eliminate billions of tons of plastic that contribute to plastic pollution around the world. 

Photo source: NutriAsia
Photo source: NutriAsia

"We want to do our part in protecting the environment and planet. This way, we want to make our consumers' lives Masarap and Masaya (tasty and happy)," according to NutriAsia.

NutriAsia has been committed to sustainability and zero waste since 2014. As Datu Puti partners with PCX, it seeks to convert 100% of its net plastic footprint to alternative sources of energy.

Labels that change the ecosystem

37 of Datu Puti's products have transitioned into having pack labels with the Net Zero Plastic Waste logo in November 2022. This means that the amount or volume equivalent to the packaging used will be collected, processed, and diverted away from nature. NutriAsia is also currently in the process of making more of its brands and products sustainable.

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Datu Puti products now include the PCX logo.Photo source: NutriAsia

Datu Puti products now include the PCX logo.Photo source: NutriAsia

Datu Puti products now include the PCX logo.Photo source: NutriAsia

Datu Puti products now include the PCX logo.Photo source: NutriAsia

Turning waste to energy

PCX enables the collection of the same amount of plastic Datu Puti produces and enables the co-processing of these as an alternative fuel.

Since 2020, the amount of plastic collected is around 12,356 metric tons, or plastic enough to fill around 5 Olympic-sized swimming pools. 

NutriAsia is also actively pursuing its own sustainability projects, including Jumbohalang Tambalan, Bring Your Own Bote stores, Refill Revolution with DENR-EMB, NutriAsia EcoStation, and Select and Collect. It has also transitioned its juice brand to be locally and socially responsible by sourcing its raw ingredients from local fruit farmers.

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Certified Net Zero Plastic Waste brand Datu Puti, shares how it is helping the environment. Video source: NutriAsia Facebook page

Choose to take care of your household and the environment by switching to net-zero plastic waste-certified products. 

To know more about NutriAsia's sustainability projects and products, visit their website and connect with them through their Facebook page.

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