Watch these women stand up to hair shaming

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Posted at Jan 13 2019 02:40 PM | Updated as of Jan 13 2019 02:44 PM

All over the world, Filipinas are celebrated for their beauty and confidence – things that stand out especially in international pageants. 

Locally, however, young women shape themselves to the likeness of their favorite celebrities who have fair skin and pointed nose. 

When it comes to hair, the Filipina standard of beauty is having long and straight black hair. And when hair doesn't meet the norm, it is subject to criticism: curly hair is messy, short hair is boyish, and colored hair is eccentric. 

Being judged for one’s hair has become one of the struggles that women have to face. Ladies are often told about how they should look like: women of authority can't have colored hair because it's unprofessional, curvy girls need to grow their hair long to make their face look smaller, and morenas don't look good with blonde hair. 

These hair expectations discourage women from trying new looks because they are afraid of what people might say. 

To inspire more women to be unafraid about trying new looks, Dove released a short film featuring women who rock unconventional hairstyles. They share their responses to the comments they normally receive about their hair. 

Michelle, a business director rocking a mix of blue, purple and gray hair dyes, said she was told that no one would take her seriously with her look.

Opera singer Tetris, meanwhile, said people tell her that her naturally curly hair would look better if she straightened it.

With her blonde hair and pixie cut, theater producer Rio said that she's often told that her hair doesn't flatter her body.

"They said that I'm unapproachable. Blonde makes me look mean," lamented Bianca, a law student. 

Despite the negative feedback, these women said they enjoy their hair the way they want to.

"It actually gives me strength to be creative, to be bold, to be different," Michelle said.

"I don't think I've ever looked better in my life," Bianca said.

These women show that it’s okay not to fit the mold and that it shouldn’t matter what other people say. Nothing should stop you from being your best and truest self.

Filipinas should be able to walk confidently with any hairstyle, whether it is black or blue, short or long, curly or straight, with bangs or none without the fear of being judged.

Hairstyles should never hold women back, but instead push them forward toward achieving happiness and their goals. 

Dove invites women to achieve their full hair potential and to wear their hair proudly without fear of judgment.

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