Add an extra measure of safety to your household


Posted at Jan 11 2021 02:15 PM | Updated as of Jan 11 2021 02:16 PM

Just because it has been months since the current health crisis started, it does not mean that people should lower their guard against it. No one should be complacent when it comes to their safety. 

The whole household's health hinges on keeping harmful germs and bacteria outside of the home, that is why it is very important to practice good hygiene at all times. 

Add an extra measure of safety to your household 1

For people who want to add an extra layer of protection to their homes, here are some tips for you. 

1. Remain mindful of all health and safety protocols 

Wash your hands properly and frequently. Practice social distancing. Always wear a face mask. These go without saying yet some people are prone to forgetting. 

Even if the place you are in only calls for face masks, take the extra layer of protection and wear a face shield. If the people around you are not maintaining the recommended physical distance, voluntarily take a few steps back and stay away from other people. 

Always take an additional measure of precaution for yourself and your loved ones, even if others will not do the same.

2. Keep the household clean at all times

According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, microbial populations are present in many indoor environments.

Areas of food preparation and storage such as kitchens and refrigerators have various bacterial species residing in them and if not cleaned properly, can be a cause of foodborne illnesses. Watch out for unwashed raw food and leaking packages as the moisture content of refrigerators create favorable growth conditions for contaminating bacteria. Dish sponges must also be changed regularly as it can be easily contaminated by a variety of organisms. Another area that must be cleaned thoroughly is the bathroom, especially toilet seats. These are recognized as places highly colonized by microorganisms.

High-touch objects and locations around the home like doorknobs, stair railings, remote controls, and switches should be prioritized and disinfected frequently. 

While not all bacteria are bad for humans, it is good practice to be extra vigilant by keeping your homes clean at all times. 

3. Research and use antibacterial items for the home 

Germs and bacteria are always lurking in the corners and you do not want to bring potentially disease-causing organisms into your home. 

Sanitize shoes, bags, and any item that has been in contact with the outside world, before you enter the house. Especially for outside clothes, make it a practice to immediately wash them and use a reliable antibacterial detergent.

With the plethora of antibacterial and sanitizing products in the market, make sure to do your research well to know which is the most effective at getting rid of germs. 

Add an extra measure of safety to your household 2

Understanding the heightened need for antibacterial detergents, wais laundry brand Surf offers a reassuring laundry experience with its antibacterial variant. 

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The new Surf Powder Active Clean Antibacterial offers superior whitening and cleaning, fragrance, and 99.9% germ kill with every wash. Households no longer need to hesitate about frequent laundry washing as Surf Antibacterial retails for only P5.50 SRP for every value pack.

With this product, Surf shows that it is possible to get serious germ kill and superior clean at an affordable price – all without compromising quality. 

Keep your family and your finances safe with options like these available in the market. 

Never compromise the health of your family by being complacent. Be mindful of these tips and always remember to take an extra step of precaution with every situation. 

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