Make your debit card work harder for you this New Year


Posted at Jan 10 2018 05:41 PM | Updated as of Jan 12 2018 05:08 PM

Welcome 2018 wisely by being smarter with every swipe

New year, new goals! But relax, this article isn't meant to pressure you into accomplishing everything on your new year's resolution list. We know you're a work in progress and you're trying your very best to become a better version of yourself. That's why we're here to help you take the necessary step towards that.

If being a smart shopper made it to your list this year, we've come up with an easy solution for you. And it isn't just about planning your purchase and drawing up a budget. Knowing how to transform your every shopping jaunt into an easy breezy experience will be life-changing for you.

For starters, you shouldn't risk carrying around a huge amount of cash with you wherever you go or endure the long lines at the ATM. That’s what debit cards are for—and it's about time you learn how to get yours so it can work harder for you. Here are a few tips:

1. Have a debit shopping fund. After deciding on your spending budget, allocate your funds accordingly. That way, you're sure you won't touch money that's not supposed to be for shopping. Use it in conjunction with your carefully drawn up shopping list and budget, purchasing time will be more seamless for you.

2. Monitor wisely. There's a useful app called Receiptmate, which you can use to scan receipts and store the records on your phone so you can keep track of your spending. You can also turn on notifications from the BDO Deals app and your favorite stores' websites and social media pages, so you will know what exciting discounts and surprises await you when you use your debit card. If your debit account is enrolled in Mobile Banking, you can regularly check your transactions anytime, anywhere.

3. Get that chip. EMV debit card with chip technology, that is. To avoid any inconvenience, pick up your BDO EMV Debit Card at the branch of your account on or before January 31, 2018 and enjoy enhanced security features that help protect your card from being compromised. It’s free of charge when you replace your old, magstripe non-EMV card with it.

Take that first step to being a wiser spender by getting your BDO EMV Debit Card. Of course, you also need to be proactive in taking care of your account (making sure your card is kept safely, keeping track of your transactions, etc.), but the good thing is, on the tech side you’re already covered because of the EMV chip. How’s that for a fresh start—and more peace of mind this year?

Don't have a BDO Debit Card yet? Visit any of the over 1,100 BDO branches nationwide or click here for more details on how to apply for one.

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