3 ways to make cooking dishes healthier


Posted at Jan 07 2019 03:51 PM

Everyone wants the family to be healthy all the time. Many people would even go the extra mile by buying vitamins or supplements and changing lifestyles. But living healthy starts with eating and cooking a hearty, flavorful, and balanced meal. 

Good thing there are easy-to-do kitchen hacks that can help the family prepare food that will help them remain active and strong. 

Here are simple ways to cook healthier for the family:

1. Cutting down on salt

3 ways to make cooking dishes healthier 1

Most dishes require salt for taste but too much sodium intake can have detrimental effects on the body. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, kidneys may have a hard time keeping up with excess salt in the bloodstream. 

Accumulation of sodium over time may also lead to high blood pressure and heart attack.

Homemakers can opt for alternative seasonings such as herbs, spices, lemon juice, and vinegar. 

If it is hard to cut down on salt, allowing people to season their own food after tasting it makes them less likely to add. 

2. Lessen sugar intake

3 ways to make cooking dishes healthier 2

Some people love to add sugar for an increased flavor, may it be on drinks, desserts, or dishes. But too much of it can be harmful to the body.

According to the Harvard Medical School publication, too much sugar consumption may result in higher risk for heart disease.

However, the Harvard article said it is hard to say how much sugar intake can be considered as too much for the body since sugar is not a required nutrient in a diet. 

But it would be better to lessen or completely refrain from putting sugar on dishes. Also, start considering natural sugar substitutes for cooking such as honey and maple syrup.

3. Use canola oil

3 ways to make cooking dishes healthier 3

One staple in the kitchen is the cooking oil. It is needed to prepare the dishes that families commonly eat every day. Homemakers can use canola oil to make cooking healthier.

Diets based on canola oil have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels as compared to diets with higher levels of saturated fatty acids.

Aside from being the good oil for heart health, its light flavor and smooth texture makes it a versatile cooking oil.

In an episode of Umagang Kay Ganda, Gretchen Ho and chef Erika Paredes prepared a family-perfect chili con carne which was made healthier with canola oil.

Chef Erika Paredes said canola oil contains a natural compound that helps the body.

"It has phytosterols which is a natural compound that actually decreases cholesterol in the body," she said. "Not just by a little, as in 15 percent."

One of the recommended canola oils in the market is the Golden Fiesta Canola oil. This cooking oil is made from refined canola. It contains the lowest levels of saturated fat, and can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

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