A guide into living spaces in the new normal


Posted at Jan 03 2022 12:03 PM

A guide into living spaces in the new normal
A peek inside what a living room can look like at these properties. Photo source: Botanika Nature Residences

Being at home most of the time has driven people to upgrade their personal spaces. They spend so much time in it now that they want to customize it to fit the needs of the new normal. That is why there was such a spike in home improvements and remodeling in 2020.

In previous years, location and affordability were a top priority when picking a living space. Since on-the-go employees rarely had time to stay at home, other factors did not matter as much. However, the health crisis has popularized hybrid working conditions and caused bouts of community restrictions that have pushed almost everyone to spend most of their time at home – for work, leisure, and rest.

Often, people think that they cannot have everything in one home. They think that they have to choose between a functional working space located in a central business district or a luxurious area that supports a balanced work-play life. But now, anyone can have the best of both worlds as long as they know where to look.

One example is the properties developed by Filigree. As a brand with a portfolio of curated upscale living spaces in the metro, it understands the latest needs and lifestyles of the current market. And it has identified three qualities aspiring homeowners need to look out for in their new abode.


Choose a space that brings both the comfort and stability of city life and the luxury of living in a spacious home that can function for work, fun, and rest.

Location remains very important. Hybrid workspaces sometimes still require employees to come to the office so it is still best to look for a space near it. Living in the city also provides ease of access to big hospitals, schools, groceries, and leisure activities. Should strict quarantine restrictions happen again, they have access to all the daily essentials.

The stability that the city provides is unmatched, especially for the career-driven, the fun-loving adventurers, and those who want a stable base for their families. That is why Filigree properties are located in laid-back communities that keep the hustle and bustle of urban life at bay. Its projects are strategically located in Filinvest City and Filinvest Mimosa+, places with mixed-use developments that are drawing investors and people eager to take advantage of opportunities offered by their enhanced masterplans.

A guide into living spaces in the new normal
Botanika Nature Residences is located in the growing Filinvest City. Photo source: Botanika Nature Residences

A well planned unit layout is also ideal so there are designated areas for work and leisure, and every member of the family has their own space to move. There should be a productive work area, a spot for hobbies or collections, or where children can comfortably study and play without having to go out.

Usually, city residences are small because the demand is huge and these homes usually just function as a place for employees to sleep. However, staying in small spaces for a long time can bring about feelings of claustrophobia - of being trapped in the same four walls.

So, it is also a good idea to choose a home that comes with amenities such as pools, fitness centers, recreational rooms, and green spaces that can help contribute to the resident's quality of life.

Botanika Nature Residences and Golf Ridge both offer generously sized units, ranging from 72-375 square meters in different towers. The multi-purpose, flexible spaces aid in making new normal living less stressful. Residents can enjoy health breaks by taking a quick breather in the lanai to savor the lush surroundings while working from home.

A guide into living spaces in the new normal
Living in a space with abundant greenery and a nice pool can make every day a staycation. Photo source: Filigree website


Security is a no-brainer when selecting a new home. It is good to pick a residence with 24/7 surveillance and a reliable security team. The property management team and caretakers should also be trustworthy, skilled, and helpful so that one can easily find help in times of distress.

When it comes to security, the safety of the surrounding area is also something to consider. Take for instance Botanika Nature Residences and Bristol which are both located in Filinvest City. The city is already designed as pedestrian and user-centric – with hyperlocal districts carrying all needed essentials accessible on foot or by bike. The human experience is well thought of as wider medians resulted in dedicated bike lanes and sidewalks, and a pleasant commute through tree-lined streets and lush landscape.


Getting a property is an investment. Unlike other items that depreciate over time, real estate only goes up in value. Plus, these can generate income once rented out, while the value continues to appreciate.

Properties in premium locations are attractive to renters and buyers since it is convenient. These are often at the heart of cities, and commercial establishments are built around them, further bringing the value of the property up since the demand for living in the area also increases.

An example is how Botanika Nature Residences' price has more than doubled from the time it was launched. This is further supported by the increasing land values of the community it is located in, which has increased more than five times in the last decade.

A guide into living spaces in the new normal
Enclave Alabang is a 10.5-hectare exclusive residential subdivision located south of Metro Manila. Photo source: Enclave Alabang website

Understanding all these new normal home qualities, Filigree Real Estate Properties aims to redefine modern luxury in the Philippine real estate scene by making each space future-ready and enjoyable for everyone.

Whether buying an investment or a family home, the property developer makes sure that each resident or investor's needs are fulfilled. It focuses on delivering a quality living experience to each client.

Properties developed by Filigree are mostly located in thriving business cities. These include Botanika Nature Residences and Bristol at Parkway Place in Filinvest City Alabang, The Enclave Alabang along Daang Hari in Las Pinas, The Beaufort in Taguig, and Golf Ridge Private Estate in Filinvest Mimosa+ Leisure City in Clark. Places where residents can enjoy the comfort and stability of city living and the luxury of living well in a spacious and nature-inspired home.

''Residences by Filigree are curated to suit the modern-functional lifestyle of its residents. Each property provides the work and play balance that residents need, while the amenities and green spaces add a touch of leisure to life,'' added Daphne Sanchez, Filigree Brand Head. ''Additionally, since most of its locations are surrounded by commercial spaces and offices, the value of the property appreciates over time, making it a truly worthwhile investment.''

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