6 photos that perfectly capture KathNiel’s undeniable chemistry


Posted at Nov 02 2017 02:32 PM

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have really come a long way since their love team started. Through the years, we have witnessed them grow right before our eyes; some even grew up with them. Several projects later, they’re still on top of their kilig game on and off-screen — and why? It’s because they have this not-so-little thing called chemistry.

Although the pair has yet to officially confirm their status, there’s no doubt that the KathNiel chemistry isn’t only reel—it’s very real. Here are some of the reasons why we believe so!


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Funny faces or not, the chemistry between the two always shows. As much as we love seeing them in fierce photo shoots, we can only get this certain kind of kilig when we see them at their most candid! These two are certainly not afraid to show all their sides to each other—and to their fans! Oh, if only our wacky shots looked like theirs, we’d probably be taking more of these than selfies!

Get someone who will look at you the same way Daniel looks at Kathryn—and vice versa! Everytime they look at each other, it’s as if the world around them disappears. It doesn’t even matter if there are people and cameras around, or if they’re not fully made up—what matters most is that they’re looking at their favorite view!


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KathNiel doesn’t even have to try—that is how powerful their chemistry is. They can simply sit next to each other and do nothing, and we will all still get kilig; they can wear clothes that aren’t matching and we’ll still believe that they are a match made in heaven! There’s really no one formula for chemistry.

Lucky for KathNiel (and their fans), theirs came naturally. It’s as if the whole universe conspired to bring your two favorite people together.

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