How to streamline a business even as it grows


Posted at Dec 10 2018 05:11 PM | Updated as of Dec 10 2018 05:17 PM

When starting a business, one usually has to wear several hats - strategist, stockroom supervisor, and delivery guy.

But as a business grows, it becomes difficult for things to stay the same; adopting one or several methods to streamline the business becomes an imperative. 

A basic way to streamline is to have digital records. 

At first glance, it may seem like pen and paper can help cut costs. 

However, it takes so much effort to keep files organized once business grows. Sifting through paper files can be time consuming when one needs to pull up a record in a hurry, whereas files stored in the cloud allows for access anytime, anywhere.

Aside from these, it also does not take up much physical space.

Another way to streamline business is to outsource some of the processes, like warehousing and logistics.

When delegated to the right hands, outsourcing helps improve speed and return.

Understanding that business owners endeavor to deliver their products safely, quickly, and efficiently, logistics company LBC enhanced their warehousing and specialized logistics solutions to help move businesses. 

"Business Solutions is basically LBC's offering into the supply chain market. We are a fully-integrated supply-chain solutions provider," Vice President for Corporate Sales Jerome Santos said.

"We do a lot of value-added services for any company who engages with us."

Among LBC's offerings is the "picking and packing" service. Through this service, products may be bundled or disassembled at a site of the business' preference or at an LBC warehouse for temporary storage or delivery.

There is also a "sorting and kitting" service, where LBC sifts through shipments, gathers business' items in a bundle, and sends these out to the business' customers, eliminating the possibility of losing track of items coming from several sources.

For those who need help in monitoring and managing the flow of inventory, businesses may avail of inventory management service.

Promos surely help drive demand for products. To support businesses who offer promos, LBC offers a bundling service, where two or more products may be combined into one transaction for the price of one.

For those who need specialized logistics solutions, among the services offered by LBC are crating, cash on delivery, document return, and freight collection. 

Businesses may also choose from a variety of logistics delivery models to improve overall experience while easing inventory and transportation costs. 

More information about LBC Business Solutions may be found here.

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