The secret of highly efficient people


Posted at Sep 24 2019 03:00 PM

The secret of highly efficient people 1

Though there’s a tendency to take comfort in believing that you are in total control of your time, the results you achieve may not be at par with the effort you exerted.

The moment you settle for mediocrity, you derail your steps towards bigger goals. But you may settle anyway because it’s adequate to get by.

One must consider the rapid pace of change today’s generation faces. You may even come to realize that better, more efficient solutions will help you navigate through life’s daily grind.

Efficiency is a trait that leads to priceless rewards. Possessing this characteristic leads to getting what you work hard for, perhaps even more.

The secret of highly efficient people 2

However, efficient processes and solutions can be overlooked if one is not mindful enough. Just because you are busy all day and tired at night doesn’t necessarily mean you were productive. There should be a smart way to perform valuable tasks.

The good news is that the trick to shifting one’s outlook from complacent to ambitious is more attainable than you think. If you follow this secret that highly efficient individuals abide by, you’ll discover that every hour you spend working diligently is definitely worthwhile.

Pareto Principle or the 80-20 Rule

Named after an Italian economist who lived over a century ago, the Pareto Principle is a concept often associated in business and quality management. Taking this rule to heart means centering your focus and concentration on the more essential tasks, since 20 percent of your activities account for 80 percent of your results. As long as you align your priorities and work on them according to substance and value, you reduce the chances of working on minor tasks or setting aside more impactful ones.

As an effect, you make fewer decisions. Weeding out superficial options in your everyday decision-making saves time and energy. From limiting the number of clothes to choose from – to making your diet systematic – you can relieve your mind of mundane decisions that need to be made.

The same is true with cutting your options on gadgets to use because managing assignments and projects with reliable tools and devices is a very constructive way to increase productivity. Among these is the HP ENVY x360, a PC geared to up your level of efficiency.

The secret of highly efficient people 3

The HP ENVY x360’s minimalist design is a must-have for your office and school work. It possesses four modes — namely the tent mode, tablet mode, stand mode, and laptop mode — to work with HP Pen (Windows Ink certified), allowing you to take notes, sketch ideas, and navigate content with ease.

It links all resources you need for your tech-based tasks together in just one user-oriented device. The idea is to anchor your preferred manner of operating without having to utilize other tools.

Aside from being a suitable partner for business and academic purposes, this PC also provides a high-picture quality experience, with its ultra-bright, micro-edge display with 4K resolution. Because first impressions make up for most encounters, a boosted visual performance with excellent graphics of your work/school presentation, is guaranteed to give them a positive, lasting opinion of you.

Gathering news, updates, or PSAs, are also more extensive now that ENVY x360 reimagines what you can acquire and accomplish on a laptop with the latest AMD Ryzen™ processor for faster-running programs, and up to 10 hours of battery life so you don’t miss out on the things that matter.

Since user privacy and security is regarded with utmost concern, ENVY x360 has a built-in Privacy Camera Kill Switch – a physical switch that turns off your PC’s camera when not in use. Apparently, most laptop users cover their camera lens with tape, as a precaution against privacy invasion by hackers. With the caliber of this auto-switch, your worries will be put to rest as it gets the job done.

It also installed a patented 3D fingerprint technology in its fingerprint reader to ensure both secure access and online payment transactions. Its HP BIOS Protection solution is also fashioned to automatically check your PC’s health, and protect it from possible corruption by recovering itself. This means no more frequent visits to tech stores which cost money, time, and effort; and more time for the things you actually love and enjoy doing.

Lastly, ENVY x360 has solid state drive (SSD) that gives you faster boot time and better speed, 3x faster to start-up from sleep and 33% longer battery life. Available at HP authorized resellers stores located in SM Cyberzones nationwide, and online via Lazada or Shopee. Price starts at Php 48,990.

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