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Posted at Aug 20 2021 01:00 PM

It is no secret that hundreds and thousands of businesses were affected by the current health crisis. According to reports from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), 2020 saw 40% of businesses in the country shut down. Figures improved by 4% in February but rose again to 16% during the March 2021 enhanced community quarantine period.

However, there is still hope for business owners. With proper guidance and planning, any business may recover from this challenge and thrive once more. 

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Here are three tips to help businesses recover post-pandemic. 

1. Reassess your business model

The first step you need to do is take stock of the financial damages of your business. Figure out how much you have lost so you know where to start. Then, take a look at your business plan. 

Do the numbers and evaluate your business' SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat). Learn from this experience and note down what were the strengths and weaknesses of your establishment. Do you have a strong following, but the community restrictions are messing with your operations? If you have not yet employed online or digital marketing in your business, now is the most opportune time to do so. The digital pivot can help your business reach your target market and stay engaged with them even when your physical store has limited capacity. 

It is also critical to list and check funding assistance and resources either from the government or private sectors.

2. Create a contingency plan 

No one can say that they are truly prepared for a crisis of this magnitude, but some businesses were able to get off better than others because they came ready. They have a disaster plan in place and were able to protect their business from the worst. 

So before emergencies occur, craft a contingency plan for your business that will help maintain normal business operations during and after a disruptive event. Using the SWOT list that you have made, prepare and anticipate threats such as unprecedented events or emergencies by drafting a detailed plan for each possible scenario. Take note of the frequently changing regulations that can affect your operations so you can be prepared for it. 

The best recovery plan is one you have prepared early on, so when another crisis hits, you and your business are ready. 

A Safety Seal is a voluntary certification that proves that an establishment is compliant with the minimum public health standards set by the government. Photo source: Rentokil Initial Philippines
A Safety Seal is a voluntary certification that proves that an establishment is compliant with the minimum public health standards set by the government. Photo source: Rentokil Initial Philippines

3. Adhere to safety and hygiene standards 

Implementing safety standards in your establishments does more than just keep you and your employees safe. It is also integral in bringing back customer confidence in your business.

Getting a Safety Seal Certification from the Department of Trade and Industry is one way to show that your establishment adheres to safety and hygiene standards and is trying its best to keep consumers safe within the premises. 

According to the DTI, the Safety Seal checklist includes the following:

● Handwashing stations, soap, sanitizers, and hand drying equipment or supplies (e.g., single-use paper towels) are available to employees and clients/ visitors and placed in strategic locations in the establishment
● Adequate air exchange in enclosed (indoor) areas. Portable air purifier, if used, has HEPA filters for Airconditioned Spaces/ Workplaces
● Regular sanitization of chairs, desks, tables, counters, pens, doorknobs, equipment, devices, workstations, comfort rooms, and other high-touch surfaces
● Facility for proper storage, collection, treatment, and disposal of used face masks

To help business owners comply with the certification, provider of pest control and hygiene services, Rentokil Initial offers its arsenal of products and services. 

Essential Hygiene Products and Services

Initial Hygiene has a wide range of hygiene products and services essential to the new normal.

Hand Hygiene – it is critical now more than ever to have complete hand hygiene in your facility to enforce proper handwashing, which involves three basic steps: Wash, Dry, and Sanitize.
Air Hygiene – maintaining good Indoor Air Quality is crucial for businesses operating amidst this situation as bacteria and viruses can linger in the air. Whether an air purifier or air sterilizer, Initial can help you figure out what your business needs. 
Hygienic Mask Bin – this provides a safe and discreet way of disposing of used face masks.
● Hygiene Products – step up from just adhering to minimum health requirements by providing both your employees and customers extra protection through different hygiene products that complement safety protocols such as disinfection mats (foot bath), antimicrobial film, and multi-surface sanitizers for high touch surfaces.

Professional Services

For businesses that regularly cater to customers, Professional Surface Disinfection can greatly help maintain the safety and cleanliness of the premises. 

This service kills bacteria and virus microorganisms, and helps reduce the potential risk of cross-infection. It is a recommended service to help prevent surface contamination brought by fomites.

Even if getting a Safety Seal is not on your immediate agenda, consider getting a regular disinfection service to help keep your employees safe, especially with a potentially more viral variant of the virus already in the country. 

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[CAPTION: Rentokil Initial aims to help businesses thrive in the post-pandemic world by stepping up from simply adhering to safety standards by making these hygiene practices part of their establishment's everyday operations.]

Taking proactive measures can improve your business's chance of surviving and recovering from this health crisis. Even if your business needs to undergo another round of closures, keep these suggestions in mind and add them to your business plan so you are ready to welcome customers again once the economy fully reopens.

To know more about how Rentokil Initial can help your business, visit its websites and, or call (02) 8333-5842.

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