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Posted at Aug 12 2022 11:48 AM | Updated as of Aug 15 2022 05:07 PM

Photo source: iStock, purchased by Visa
Photo source: iStock, purchased by Visa

With many Filipinos working abroad for their family's household needs, children's education, and medical expenses among many other reasons, it is important to keep their remittances secure, fast, and simple for both the sender and the receiver.

Traditionally, after a family member abroad receives their salary, they then proceed to a nearby bank or remittance center to send the money to the Philippines. The family member here then does the same – they proceed to the nearest money remittance center or bank and cash out the money. However, this traditional way of sending and receiving remittances has not come without glitches and delays.

Some have to wait for days to receive the money sent from their loved ones abroad. While for some lucky ones and as technology got better, it only takes a matter of hours.

Visa, one of the world's leaders in digital payments, offers a quick solution to every OFWs needs.

It is time to rethink your expectations when it comes to the way you receive money remittances. Visa's cross-border remittance capability can ensure you receive the remittances from overseas into your Visa account within 30 minutes – no breaks, no holidays, and no weekends.

Family members and loved ones can be ensured that their transactions are simple, fast, and secure.


No more having to wait for days for you to receive the remittances. Pay bills immediately, buy groceries, or get medical attention when you need, with the help of the money that you receive directly through Visa. 

With Visa you do not need to withdraw cash from the Visa account, to be able to buy what you need. Just tap to pay at merchants that accept Visa, or use it to pay online.

It enables secure and convenient transactions, as receivers do not have to go anywhere to receive the money sent to them, given that Visa transfers the money directly to the account of the receiver through the Visa card, receivers have the convenience of not having to visit a remittance center or a bank just to pick up the cash remittance. Now they have the peace of mind that the money is securely delivered to their account.

Visa has simplified the way people send, receive and spend remittances. 

Helping and taking the burden away from those who are always busy, have children to tend to, or sick loved ones to take care of – now all you need to do is to have a Visa card with you and for the sender to have a Visa account.

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