Taiwanese firm to bring cutting-edge manufacturing tech to PH

Cal-Comp Technology

Posted at Jul 25 2018 02:08 PM | Updated as of Jul 25 2018 04:23 PM

Taiwanese firm to bring cutting-edge manufacturing tech to PH 1
Taiwanese firm to bring cutting-edge manufacturing tech to PH 2
Taiwanese firm to bring cutting-edge manufacturing tech to PH 3
Taiwanese firm to bring cutting-edge manufacturing tech to PH 4

In 2017, NKG launched its innovative smart beauty mirror, the HiMirror, in the United States, Europe, Japan and Taiwan. The HiMirror is the world's first voice-interactive smart mirror that features in-depth and personalized skincare analysis based on various factors such as weather and skin condition. It offers a revolutionary approach to the daily beauty regimen. It was recognized in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 and 2018 Innovation Awards, a global program that celebrates outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products.

One of the brands that NKG will soon be introducing to the Philippines is XYZ Printing. It is the leader of global desktop 3D printer market share for three consecutive years since 2015. It accounts for 21% of NKG's market share in 2017. XYZ printing was highly recognized by the market by receiving product awards in CES every year since 2014.

Cal-Comp Technology is set to offer its Smart Service Robot by New Era AI Robotic Inc., a subsidiary under NKG. It is dedicated in bringing artificial intelligence (AI) & robotic development to the domestic market with local in-house R&D own-developed AI core technologies, such as indoor autonomous navigation, facial tracking and recognition, as well as smart voice interaction. It is also integrated with multi-function peripherals like NFC reader, MSR reader, smart card reader, thermal printer, 4K camera and barcode reader. The service robot can be used in industries, such as shopping center, retail, airport, healthcare and finance.

NKG is also developing a voice artificial intelligence (AI) device with speech recognition capabilities that uses "Taglish" or a combination of both Tagalog and English language. The smart speaker would be able to perform a range of tasks, such as music streaming/radio service, answering queries through voice command, and personal virtual assistant feature. It is also one of the key devices for Smart Home Solution when connecting with IoT, using voice to control home appliances such as air conditioner, curtain and lighting. The device could also be used in collecting consumer data anonymously to assist companies in making marketing decisions.

Cal-Comp Technology (Philippines), Inc., the local arm of global tech conglomerate New Kinpo Group (NKG), is looking to bring artificial intelligence, robotics, and other cutting-edge technology to the Philippines.

These manufacturing technologies are intended to boost the capabilities of Filipino industries. According to NKG and Cal-Comp Technology CEO Simon Shen, the company can produce technologically advanced products through its state-of-the-art equipment and automation capabilities.

"Although we rely on almost 10,000 employees in the Philippines alone, we use automated equipment to help us speed up our manufacturing process. This is vital in keeping our customers satisfied with product quality and reaching our output targets," says Shen.

Cal-Comp Technology also has real-time monitoring capability. Their Virtual Factory System monitors the entire manufacturing process and inventory. It utilizes bar codes to trace raw materials and monitor quality, making it easy to detect defects in products and equipment. The system also provides engineers with automatic alerts, which allow them to address any potential production issues quickly.

For its production breakthroughs, Cal-Comp Technology, through NKG, has been recognized by different organizations for consistently upholding manufacturing standards in its facilities worldwide.

NKG has received the Taiwan National Quality Award, the highest honor for quality given. It was also awarded the Prime Minister Quality Award in Thailand.

To fund their expansion plans, Cal-Comp Technology is slated to have their initial public offering (IPO) in the local bourse later this year.

"In order for us to offer our own products to the Philippines, we will expand our footprint here and boost our production capacity. This will allow us to better serve Filipinos’ needs for new and advanced technology, given the country’s adeptness and affinity for electronic devices," Shen added.

Taiwanese firm to bring cutting-edge manufacturing tech to PH 5
NKG developed Automated Guided Vehicles (AVGs) to handle its logistics and materials in all its facilities. This technology eliminates the need for human assistance, thereby making processes more efficient. AVGs transfer raw materials from warehouses to production and assembly lines, as well as transport finished products from production lines to its temporary storage facilities before shipment to customers.

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