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Posted at Jul 20 2022 03:18 PM

Photo source: Pexels
Photo source: Pexels

Saving up is one of the most difficult things to do as an adult, especially when there are bills to pay and sales in malls are waving. Sometimes we end up spending more than we should, thinking that we have extra money or not knowing where to spend it. 

While saving can be difficult, fintech apps like Maya can make it easy. 

PayMaya has recently evolved from being an e-wallet to an all-in-one money app called Maya. It combines the power of an innovative e-wallet with a progressive digital bank, Maya Bank. Because it now lets you save, spend, grow, and master your money right from your phone – it makes it easy to manage your finances, and even save money efficiently. With its high interest rate and nifty new features – Maya is the ideal partner when achieving your ipon goals.

Maya's Savings feature, powered by BSP-licensed and PDIC-insured Maya Bank, offers a 6% introductory interest rate – one of the highest in the market to date. Compared to the 1% interest rate (or less!) traditional banks usually offer, this initial 6% interest rate can give your savings a serious boost. This is available until August 31, 2022 – so better take advantage of this now! 

Recently, Maya also launched a new feature called Personal Goals that can help with your money goals. The feature allows you to allocate savings for your different life goals, and track them all at once – be it for a new laptop or phone, a long overdue vacation with your family abroad, or some rainy-day funds. What is also great is that you can earn 6% per annum interest rate for funds put in Personal Goals for up to P1 million, per goal.

With Personal Goals, you can set up to five goals at a time, as well as assign a savings target and a deadline for each. This way, you can set aside money for what you care about, and track them all at the same time. 
If you already have a Maya Savings account, you can easily start a personal goal for your savings. Simply follow these easy steps: 

1. Open the Maya app and click on Savings, tap Personal Goals, and select the mood that best fits your goal. 
2. Then, type in the goal name, due date, and amount, and click Continue. 
3. Check your goal details and confirm. An OTP will be sent to you which will automatically be input on the app once received, now, all you have to do is to deposit money to start your 'ipon' goals.


Say hello to the new Maya. Start handling your money in a convenient and easy way. Video source: Maya YouTube channel

These features are good, but enjoying a secure and reliable service is just as important. Since Maya is powered by BSP-licensed and PDIC-insured Maya Bank, you can rest assured that your funds are safe. Your experience with Maya is also completely integrated - users can easily transfer money from their e-wallet to Maya Savings with just a few clicks and vice versa. Best of all, Maya customers can also enjoy 99.94% app uptime reliability, enabling you to access your savings whenever you need it.

Opening up a Maya Savings account is easy. Users can readily access and enjoy this feature by upgrading their Maya account using 1 valid ID and a video selfie. The process only takes minutes – so much quicker and more convenient than the process of opening a traditional bank account. 

Maya’s other array of features that make money handling convenient and easy for adulting millennials and Gen Zs include: Maya Credit, a virtual credit line that allows users to borrow up to P15,000 within the app. The credited money can be used to buy groceries, pay for bills, purchase load, and a lot more. 

Maya Crypto helps users start their crypto journey - allowing users to buy, hold, and sell 15 popular coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Tether, and more, for as low as P1.

Meanwhile, the Maya Wallet continues to let you pay your bills, buy load, send money, and pay for purchases online and in-stores – all while offering free cash-in through over 90,000 touchpoints nationwide.

"Maya is all about challenging conventions – and this translates into the experience we are giving our users with this new all-in-one money app. With Maya, we want to enable Filipinos to make bolder choices with their money and seize opportunities - big and small," said Shailesh Baidwan, PayMaya President and Maya Bank Co-founder and Board Director.

Maya combines the power of an innovative wallet and a secure, progressive digital banking experience powered by BSP-licensed Maya Bank to transform how Filipinos experience, save, and spend money.

To know more about Maya, visit their website or follow @mayaiseverything on Facebook, IG, TikTok, and YouTube and @mayaofficialph on Twitter. You can also join their Telegram community for Maya exclusives.

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