Global tech firm to open 2 new plants in the Philippines after IPO

Cal-Comp Technology Philippines

Posted at Jul 13 2018 11:46 AM | Updated as of Jul 13 2018 04:09 PM

Cal-Comp Technology's 140,000-square meter facility in Lima Technology Center in Lipa City, Batangas also houses its subsidiary Kinpo Electronics, which supplies approximately 70 percent of the total scientific calculator demand globally. Handout photo

Cal-Comp Technology currently employs robotic arms in its surface mount technology (SMT) production line, as one of its key strengths as a company is automation capabilities. Handout photo

NKG will soon be introducing its New Era AI Robotics to the Philippine market, which produces 'Service Robot', a smart humanoid robot with features such as smart voice interactivity, facial biometrics identification, POS systems, and more. Handout photo

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Around 8,000 new jobs will be available to Filipinos as Taiwanese technology firm Cal-Comp Technology Philippines plans to expand its operations in the country.

Cal-Comp Technology, an electronics manufacturing firm under the New Kinpo Group (NKG), plans to expand its local facilities through a P6.77 billion initial public offering later this year. 

The fresh capital will fund the construction of two additional production sites, acquisition of new equipment, and strengthening of local operations' research and development capabilities.

"We want to help strengthen the Philippines' technology industry as we've made it one of our core manufacturing hubs in Southeast Asia," NKG and Cal-Comp Technology CEO Simon Shen said.

"We will continue training the local labor force because we believe in their hard work and talent," he added.

Currently, Cal-Comp Technology is a leading manufacturer of electronic products such as calculators, keyboards, LEDs, hard drives, and various home appliances, but Shen said the company is also going to introduce its own-branded products to the domestic market.

One of NKG's nine R&D hubs around the globe is located in the Philippines, composed of 142 Filipino engineers. The group is also set to open two new facilities to increase their production capacity, which will open up 8,000 more jobs to Filipinos. Handout photo

"We see the potential in the domestic market, which is why we are very keen on expanding our operations in the Philippines. We wish to provide Filipino consumers and industries access to the latest innovative products which will bring individuals, families, and businesses to the future," he said.

Cal-Comp Technology's Philippine R&D hub is currently run by 142 Filipino engineers. It also employs around 9,500 Filipinos in its two main sites located at the FPIP and the Lima Technology Center in Batangas.

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