'Adulting' tips for fresh college graduates

ING Bank

Posted at Jul 11 2019 11:49 AM

'Adulting' tips for fresh college graduates 1

Graduating from college signifies an important life milestone, a transition to the next phase of life that is adulthood. After years of fulfilling academic requirements, you are now moving on to bigger responsibilities and riskier decisions. 

Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the "real world" and get you started conquering your goals in life:

Live a healthy life

Since adult life can be quite stressful and demanding, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying in tip-top shape should be of great importance.

Take control of your health by exercising, participating in relaxing sessions and gym classes, or getting good sleep. It might also be better to stick to a balanced diet and meal plan rather than munch on processed food and packaged meals. Preparing your own meals can also be helpful in achieving a healthy lifestyle because you can choose healthier ingredients and efficient cooking methods. 

Find your passion

Learning does not stop after college; in actuality, the most important lessons in life are learned outside school.

At times, facing "real world" challenges can be overwhelming and ruthless. In order to become more competent and fit in your chosen career, continue learning by acquiring new skills and experiences. 

It can be as simple as immersing in new languages, finding new hobbies, or taking driving lessons, or as elaborate as signing up for volunteer programs and workshops that cater to your own causes and advocacies. 

Save up for the future

Making decisions when it comes to finances is part of adult life. Whether you are working on your job, building your own startup or just saving up for a big dream, setting a concrete financial goal will help you secure a stable financial future.

Having a dedicated bank account for savings at an early age can be an advantage. However, fresh grads might find opening a bank account let alone dealing with banks to be a daunting task.

Fortunately, ING Bank makes it convenient and hassle-free. As the world’s biggest all-digital bank, you can open your own savings account with just a few taps on the ING Bank’s mobile application.

The service offers a high-interest rate of 2.5 percent* per annum, without any minimal amount, minimum balance, lock-in period or transaction fees—huge benefits when compared to other banks.

With the ING mobile app, you can deposit to your account by taking a picture of any check issued by any bank based in the Philippines, instead of going to a bank branch and standing in line for hours. The check image goes to the same interbank check clearing system by the Philippine Clearing House Corporation. This feature is especially useful for fresh grads who are also taking freelance jobs or gigs.

ING also offers a 24/7 dedicated chat support team to assist you so there is absolutely no need to visit a branch.

Take a step ahead in life with ING Bank. Open your ING Savings Account by downloading the ING app on Google Play and App Store.

*For balance up to P10 million

More information can be found on ING Bank's website and Facebook page.

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