Enjoy 5x reward points by supporting local businesses

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Posted at Jun 08 2021 02:54 PM

Enjoy 5x reward points by supporting local businesses 1
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Since the start of the current health situation, countless businesses have been forced to stop operations. Most affected are the small, local businesses that rely on consistent sales to survive. This experience has pushed entrepreneurs to rethink their strategies so they can bounce back and keep their business going.

Apart from implementing proper safety protocols, an important shift is for businesses to go digital — or bolster their presence in the digital sphere. The current health situation has paved the way for people to realize the importance and convenience of having an online platform and digitizing their system in a country where it was previously just a growing idea. This process makes it safer for both customers and employees, instead of having in-person and direct contact all the time.

Operating businesses in the new normal is not easy with all the restrictions and new guidelines, and these enterprises will need all the help they can get to successfully weather through this season.

Enjoy 5x reward points by supporting local businesses 2

American Express is showing its support to small and local businesses by bringing its global Shop Small movement to the Philippines and offering 5x rewards for shoppers who use their BDO-issued American Express cards at partner merchants.

The 5x reward points can be earned by purchasing goods and services from over 1,000 participating Shop Small merchants ranging from retail shops, restaurants, and specialty stores.

Visit its website to see the list of participating merchants.

Cardmembers can earn up to a maximum of 5,000 bonus membership reward points, which can be used to redeem from a selection of gift certificates, gadgets, appliances, air miles, and more.

To know more about the promotion, cardmembers can check the full mechanics here.

Enjoy 5x reward points by supporting local businesses 3

The Shop Small movement in the Philippines will run from March 15 to June 30, 2021.

Sanjiv Malhotra, Vice President and General Manager, Global Network Services, South East Asia and South Pacific, American Express said, "Together with BDO, we are bringing Shop Small to the Philippines to lend our support to local businesses. They are such an important part of our lives, and they have been particularly affected by the pandemic. We want to play our part to support them and we hope our Shop Small movement encourages everyone to support their local businesses."

The Shop Small movement was made to connect more shoppers and local businesses. Its launch is also to acknowledge the contributions of these businesses in their communities. By purchasing from these merchants, shoppers are not only earning rewards for themselves but are also helping local businesses survive and thrive.

To know more about the Shop Small movement, visit its website.

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