How to quickly get into photography: A guide for busy people


Posted at Mar 22 2019 04:59 PM | Updated as of Mar 22 2019 05:46 PM


Everyone wants to strike up a balance in their life – especially among juggling their work, family, and personal pursuits. 

Nowadays, there’s so much emphasis on it that a New Zealand firm even experimented with a four-day week to see its effects not only to strike a balance but to increase productivity in their work environment.

While that is something we’ve yet to experience in the Philippines with our 40-hour work week, starting a hobby outside of work is beneficial to your overall well-being. 

According to the American Psychological Association, "The core assumption is that when employees enjoy the work itself, they process information flexibly, experience positive affect, and become willing to take risks and persist in efforts to develop and refine ideas."

Nowadays, one of the easiest hobbies to get into is photography. It’s fun and it has a lot of benefits you won’t even realize until you fully get into it. And with the rise of smartphone photography, photography has been made easier to understand with just the touch of a button. Starting a new hobby need not to be expensive – at first. All you need to start with is a smartphone. 

Record events in your life worth remembering
Picture this. You look back at fond memories of photos you’ve taken 10 years from now. Think of all the nostalgic feelings once you remember capturing photos of yourself, your family and friends and your travels – all of these with just the click of a button. Photographs are meant to be remembered. It connects us with our past more than anything.

Appreciate your surroundings, explore the world
Photography makes one observant. And once you take it seriously, you’ll never see your environment the same way again. You learn to love catching light – in whatever setting it may be. You learn to see the beauty and flaws of the world.

When you use your Huawei Mate20 pro, you can take wide angle shots to take photos of landscapes, seascapes, architecture, street life and portraits wherever you are. It is built with the Leica Triple Camera and supports autofocus and AIS (Huawei AI Image Stabilization) to make sure that your photos come out sharp. Not only that, you can take macro still shots with it if that’s your cup of tea.

Get the most out of those work trips
Going out of your usual day-to-day routine can broaden your mind and expose you to newer ideas. The possibilities for creativity can become endless. If you’ve been assigned to go around the city, out of town or, luckily, out of the country, you can bet that there’s so much to see and take wonderful and meaningful photographs of. 

It’s important that your smartphone has ample battery life to sustain you throughout the day. In just 30 minutes, your Huawei Mate20 pro can charge up to 70 percent of battery life. Not only should you worry about finding an outlet for your about-to-be empty power bank, you can offer to charge other phones, too, with its reverse charging feature.

A new skill is good for the brain
In a study by physiology professor Robert Root-Bernstein, hobbies that involve visual thinking such as photography are advantageous for professionals. It can help you become more successful. Another study suggests that it can be beneficial when you’re older and protect against dementia later in life.

If your curious side gets the better of you, you can try its video functions and learn to start producing a vlog or short Instagram videos. Or learn to create with 3D Moderator – a new feat in smartphone technology.

You’ll meet new people
The popular saying proves to be true to this day: "Great minds think alike." New hobbies create an avenue for meeting new people. Photography has a vast group with multiple interests, whether it's fashion, portraiture, street, macro and nature. There’s so much to list. It also helps you link up with knowledgable people about your subject of choice.

Hobbies allow you to invest in yourself. With photography, it can ultimately change your lifestyle. It connects you to your environment and the people around you. It connects you to your other side – your inner self. So why not invest on yourself today with a hobby? 

Check out these videos of the Mate 20 Series to start your photography venture!

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