Top-selling online products in the Philippines

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Posted at Jan 25 2019 01:01 PM

More and more startups are drawn to the trend of online selling -- hardly a surprise considering that 4 out of 10 Filipinos use the internet daily.

Entrepreneurs can expect more in the coming years as online shopping in the Philippines is expected to grow from 30 million users in 2018 to 53.8 million by 2022.
For those planning to venture into online retailing, online statistics portal Statista notes that the country's largest segment is electronics and media.

Throughout the years, electronics and media have been the leading product category in the country across different e-commerce sites. 
This category garnered $234 million (P12.3 billion) in sales in 2018 and is anticipated to have $33 million market share this 2019, according to Statista.

Among the products in this category are smartwatches, mobile phones and accessories, dash cameras, and virtual reality (VR) equipment. 

Aside from electronics, beauty products also dominated 24 percent of the online market as facial care has been a highlighted trend in 2018. 

The rise of beauty vloggers last year motivated viewers to try out these featured products and purchase them online.

Health products similarly have their fair share in the market as noted by courier giant LBC Express. 

Although accessible in physical shops, buyers prefer to buy through online sites because they can scan through the best offers and prices. 

Whichever product works well for the entrepreneur, online selling is a guaranteed approach in reaching thousands of customers.

"There's no stopping e-commerce now; market is huge and sometimes unexplainable," LBC Express Vice President for Corporate Sales Jerome Santos told ANC On the Money. 

LBC recognizes that achieving success in e-commerce goes beyond the distribution of products, as it also relies on creating customer relationships and on building sustainable business performance.

Online businesses can get a helping hand from LBC with their business solutions that optimize logistical and warehousing processes.

Every commerce is unique and LBC's specialized logistics solutions cater to these differences by designing product delivery and return procedures that are customized for the business. 

Other logistics solutions include cross-docking, crating, document return, cash-on-delivery, and freight collection. 

For those needing an efficient delivery, packing, and storage of products, business owners can leverage LBC's warehouse management and inventory system. 

Warehousing solutions have a wide range of cargo shipping services such as picking and packing, sorting and kitting, and inventory management. 

These business solutions are even accessible to startups as LBC "can consolidate job orders to make price more competitive for SMEs," said Santos.

Online sellers can also insure their products to reduce exposure to risks, but with or without this, retailers can assure that their products are treated with caution.

"Whatever happens to your product under our care, we will be responsible," Santos added. 

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