What you need to know about #Noynoying


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What you need to know about #Noynoying

Here are some basics to sharpen your noynoying knowledge.

What is Noynoying?

According to youth group Anakbayan:

Planking is out, noynoying is in. Just sit or lie on the ground and do nothing.

A Guide to Noynoying has also been released:

A guide to #Noynoying 1) Get a group, 2) Find busy public space, 3) Abruptly, everyone sits / lies on the floor and acts lazy and stupid.

Noynoying has also been defined as:

..that idle moment when you are supposed to do something but is not doing anything.

Noynoying has become viral and has become a trending keyword on Twitter and other social media sites. It has a twitter account @noynoying and a facebook page.

Here are some examples of how it is used:

Finals na bukas pero #noynoying muna. via @NormanIsJay

Oh my... I don't know which is worse: to be called "imeldific" or to be caught "noynoying"! via @ang_mungo

That's a good idea. Today, I will go #noynoying! May hostage crisis ba kamo? Kakain lang ako. May bagyo? Pa-party ako! via @MangPandoy

That's funny, yung “Noynoying” sa amin, verb din na ang ibig sabihin ay “date ng date ng date, pero hindi nagpapakasal.” #VocabHomework via @gangbadoy

Patayin sa noynoying si Barbara, Star Wars: the noynoying menace, Bukas Luluhod ang mga noynoying via #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithNoynoying

#NOYNOYING-nagbibingi-bingihan, nagbubulag-bulagan, nagtatanga-tangahan. via @OgieDiaz

Let me predict what you're doing now. It's 315pm and you're all #NoyNoying at your desk, watching the clock, waiting for 5pm to come. via @djmotwister

Watch this video by "May Tamang Balita."

Palace definition

The Palace has contributed to the definition (and actually has defined noynoying very well).

According to Spokesman Lacierda: Noynoying creative but has no effect.

(Spot on Mr. Lacierda! Everyone agrees that noynoying is useless and is no good.)

Spokesman Coloma meanwhile says: Noynoying is annoying.

(Uhm.. yeah. We all hate noynoying. Kills productivity. Super annoying or should we say, annoynoying.)

Noynoy Aquino himself has articulated its definition in his interview: How do you show the truth to people who do not want to see? How do you make people listen to you if they do not want to listen?

(Exactly, Mr. President. That’s what people think of noynoying too! You hit that sweet noynoying spot right there.)

Photos: Noynoying in action (or inaction)

Protest (in)action:


The Palace have also released an official Noynoying photo which adds “pretending to be working,” “drinking champagne while working,” “as if doing something important but actually watching TV,” “does not have glasses on but pretending to read anyway” to the various noynoying categories:

Noynoying re people’s concerns

Here are top issues to which the Palace has responded with noynoying:

1. Oil price hikes

Various studies indicate that oil prices are grossly overpriced and various sectors have called on the president to stop succesive oil price hikes which has become such a burden to various sectors. Many have pointed out that if Malacanang has the will, it could gather enough signatures to scrap the Oil Deregulation Law and lift the tax on oil, as shown by its blitzkrieg passage of the Corona impeachment complaint.

2. Tuition hikes and education crisis

More than 300 colleges and universities have expressed intention to hike tuition rates this year, according to the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd). Due to Aquino budget cuts during the past years, state universities and colleges (SUCs) are also set to hike tuition and fees.

As it is, 8 out of 10 college students drop-out of college due to poverty and about half of the school-aged population is out of school. Many complaints have been filed regarding unjust tuition rates and absurd redundant fees. Despite promises to provide education for all, gov’t will not be doing anything to regulate tuition rates.

3. Jobs and wages

Workers have been repeatedly asking for wage hikes amidst the rising prices and costs of living. Labor groups say the current wage levels are only 2/5 of what is needed by a family daily. Up to 80% of the population lives under $2 or about P104 a day. Meanwhile, more graduates will be noynoying again this year due to lack of decent jobs in the country.

4. Land reform

Noynoying like a haciendero, the government and the Cojuangcos have continued to block land distribution and have used the Corona impeachment trial to reverse the Supreme Court (SC) decision for the the distribution of Hacienda Luisita. The Cojuangcos want P10 billion in exchange for Luisita as “just compensation.”

5. Migrant concerns

Global alliance of overseas Filipinos and families Migrante International enumerated at least five instances that prove how Pres. Benigno Aquino III has been “Noynoying big time” on issues beleaguering OFWs: 1) Noynoying on OFWs on death row, 2) Diplomatic boo-boos, 3) Slow repatriation efforts in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) crisis, 4) Closure of PH embassies for austerity measures, 5) Still no jobs at home and no genuine reintegration program.

6. Arroyo prosecution and KKK

It took more than 500 days for Aquino to prosecute Arroyo and to file a case against her. If not for the growing public outrage brought about by her almost-escape, the government would not have filed a case against the former president it has vowed to make accountable. It has been noted that high crimes of plunder and human rights violations were not filed against Arroyo. Malacanang has also approved special hospital arrest for Arroyo despite doctors statements that she is no longer ill.

Meanwhile, questions regarding scandals and corruption under Aquino’s own government have been avoided and cases overlooked.

7. Human rights

Human rights groups have slammed the Aquino government for continuing human rights violations and media killings under his government. Groups note that there has not been significant moves to end the culutre of impunity and has branded the Aquino government’s “Oplan Bayanihan” as no different from Arroyo’s and Palaparan’s “Oplan Bantay Laya.”

Karapatan has reported 67 cases of extrajudicial killing under Aquino and thousands of other cases of human rights violations

8. Disasters

Aquino has also been criticized for inaction regarding disaster preparedness and management. Last year, it was reported that he was partying as Sendong hit Northern Mindanao. Groups also questioned why the Palace has vetoed a disaster management fund in its approved budget, and why there is no clear disaster management plan in place.

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