A closer look at Corona's P21M earnings

by RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Mar 14 2012 05:15 PM | Updated as of Mar 15 2012 01:15 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Chief Justice Renato Corona cannot claim that the P21 million  he got from government when he joined the Supreme Court was income.

House Accounts Committee chairman and impeachment secretariat member Rep. Florencio Noel said some P7 million of the allowances which the defense panel claimed as income have to be liquidated with the government.

In particular, Noel cited the representation and transportation allowance (RATA) of Corona which from 2002 to 2011 totaled over P2.1 million; the extraordinary and miscellaneous expenses which for the same time period totaled P2.5 million, and the expense allowance as Judicial and Bar Council chairman which in 2011 totaled some 240,000.

"To say that the P21 million was his income for 10 years was misleading because not all of that money was his. I am aware of these things because that's my job in the House," Noel said.

On Tuesday, the defense presented a certification from the cash collection and disbursement division of the Supreme Court showing the salaries, allowances and other emoluments covering the period of April 9, 2002 to December 31, 2011--the incumbency of Corona as a justice of the Supreme Court.

It showed Corona received P21,636,781.45 in salaries and benefits since he joined the Supreme Court in 2002. From the amount, Corona's salaries totaled P5,872,859.82.

Corona's so-called earnings came from allowances and other benefits that included the following:

-         Longevity Pay (P163,662)

-         PERA or Personal Equity and Retirement Account (P103,366)

-         ADCOM or Additional Compensation (P79,366)

-         RATA or Representation and Transportation Allowance (P2,119,147)

-         Extraordinary and Miscellaneous Expenses (P2,522,888)

-         Special Allowance under RA9277 or Act Granting Additional Compensation in the Form of Special Allowances for Justice and Judges and all other Positions in the Judiciary (P3,033,835)

-         Additional Cost of Living Allowance (P280,350)

-         Productivity Incentive Benefit (16,000)

-         Clothing Allowance (36,000)

-         Year-End Bonus and Cash Gift (P576,219)

-         Loyalty Cash Award or Milestone Bonus (P10,000)

-         Extraordinary and Miscellaneous Expenses as chairman of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (P1,867,733)

-         Monthly Expense Allowance as chairman of the Electoral Tribunal (P1,532,501)

Corona also received Fringe Benefits and Other Allowances, including:

-         Emergency Economic Assistance (P895,671)

-         Anniversary Bonus (P94,000)

-         Productivity Enhancement Benefit (46,000)

-         Christmas Cash Gift (P225,000)

-         Additional Christmas Cash Gift (P57,000)

-         Year-End Cash Gift (P15,500)

-         Rice Allowance (P20,000)

-         Groceries (P9,000)

-         Additional Fringe Benefit and Supplemental Emergency Economic Assistance (P26,000)

-         Fringe Benefit (P15,000)

-         Fringe Benefit (P10,000)

-         Supreme Court Christmas Allowance (P780,000)

-         PET Christmas Allowance (P840,000)

Corona also received expense allowance as chairman of the Judiciary and Bar Council amounting to P389,672.

The defense has presented Supreme Court chief judicial staff officer Araceli Bayuga as a witness for article 2, the non-declaration of the statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) of Corona.