Janelle's camp calls release of sex video 'harassment'

by Jon Carlos Rodriguez, abs-cbnNEWS.com

Posted at Jan 03 2012 05:27 PM | Updated as of Jan 04 2012 09:08 AM

Janelle Manahan. File Photo

MANILA, Philippines – The camp of Janelle Manahan, the girlfriend of slain actor Ramgen Revilla, believes that whoever uploaded the sex video of Revilla and Manahan had the intention to harass their client.

“They’re trying to harass our client so that she will suffer mental, emotional and psychological stress so that she will desist later from testifying,” Atty. Luke Espiritu, one of Manahan’s lawyers, told ANC on Tuesday.

Espiritu noted that while the sex video will not affect the murder and frustrated murder case, it may be used as a way to affect Manahan psychologically.

“This is totally irrelevant to proving or disproving the participation of the suspects. But at least if we are to talk about psychological warfare, harassing witnesses and trying to convince them not to push with the charges, then this is relevant,” he said.

The sex video shows Manahan and Revilla having sexual intercourse in a bathroom, with Revilla using a digital camera to shoot the act. The video also shows Ramgen taking advantage of the bathroom mirror to get better shots.

Manahan's other lawyer, Argee Guevarra, confirmed on Saturday that the video leaked on YouTube is authentic.

Manahan, who was shot in the face by a still unidentified gunman, is a witness against Revilla’s siblings Ramon Joseph and Ramona.

Both siblings have been tagged as masterminds in Revilla’s murder inside his home in BF Homes, Parañaque last October 28.

Manahan also wanted Revilla’s other younger sibling, Gail, and her husband Hiro Furuyama included in the charge sheet.

Ramgen's siblings

Espiritu said Revilla’s family still has the slain actor’s laptop, and that his siblings have the opportunity and the motive to spread the sex video.

“It’s only the family, the mother and the siblings, who have access and motive. They have the opportunity to get possession of any recording of that sex video. They have the motive. Why do I say they have the opportunity? It’s because not all personal effects of Ramgen were turned over to the police,” he said.

“They have the motive because it’s pretty obvious already considering the circumstances that Janelle is in the forefront of seeking for justice for Ramgen and for herself,” he added.

Espiritu also revealed they plan to file a case against the Revilla siblings for violation of the Anti-Voyeurism Act of 2009, which punishes the unauthorized publication and uploading of videos.
Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla, a half-brother of Ramgen, is co-author of the law.

Espiritu said they are also planning to trace the IP address of the YouTube user who uploaded the video.

“Who among the siblings particularly, we still have to determine,” he said.

Meanwhile, the mother of Revilla, Genelyn Magsaysay, denied that she or any of her children uploaded the sex video, saying that family no longer has access to any of Revilla's personal gadgets and belongings. -- With reports from Ron Gagalac; ANC