US stimulus package provision for WWII Filipino veterans by Atty. Mike Templo

By Jeffrey Garret, reader

Posted at Mar 11 2009 05:52 PM | Updated as of Mar 12 2009 01:54 AM

This is crazy,my Dad served in the US Army in the Philippines. Luckily he survived the war and came home half dead with malaria. He fought over there to protect the Filipino people, he told me that the Filipinos did very little to help them, a year or so after he was home earning about $ 40.00 a week working for Delco,{GM} he gets a letter from our wonderful government that they had overpaid his parents $66.00 since he was having his army pay sent to his parents in Tennessee.
The us government had the gall to demand that he pay them that 66.00 back immediately, or else, dad had to send them ever penny he could scrape up
to clear that debt they claimed he owed.
And now were going to give these people who we,” the US Army”, protected $15000? Unbelievable! I’m glad my dad is no longer here to see what is going on. He passed away June 2008 at age 90.
Jeffrey L Garrett
Cookeville ,Tennessee