FVR: Duterte should consult stakeholders


Posted at Oct 12 2016 03:14 AM

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Former President Fidel V. Ramos believes there is a lack of consultation in the Duterte administration, adding that all residents of the country are stakeholders in state affairs.

Speaking on ANC's "Beyond Politics," Ramos said President Rodrigo Duterte should hold consultations with different sectors of society.

"I see there is a lack or small amount of consultation among us, as stakeholders in the Republic of the Philippines. It's not the President only who owns the republic, he is the president, he is the leader, but all of us are equally stakeholders," he said.

Ramos also said that Duterte should consultat with members of the Cabinet, basic sectors including women, the youth, the elderly, the academe, professionals, as well as those in the business sector.

For Ramos, he is interested in seeing a strong team of Filipinos, rather than having a strong president.

"We need a strong president who can lead. It doesn't have to be strong physically, or strong mentally, or strong in terms of solving crimes, but he must lead our people to a better future." - Beyond Politics, ANC, October 11, 2016