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How do you explain EDSA People Power One to millennials?

For Gabe Mercado and Gang Badoy, who were in their teens during the 4-day bloodless revolt, comparing the EDSA Revolution to a relationship is the best way to make the event relatable to the younger generation.

"EDSA was like this, if you're going to compare it to a relationship, you broke up with an abusive, a violent, disempowering, one-sided relationship. You finally stood up for yourself and said 'I'm not taking any of this anymore.' And that is worth celebrating," Mercado said.

"Of course, you might have chosen mediocre, unspectacular partners in life but that doesn't detract from the moment when you really, really stood up for yourself."

Badoy compared EDSA to a "beautiful, expensive, perfect, dream wedding...without you knowing that the requirements of marriage will take work.

"Ordinary days, grunt work, really doing the dishes. You can't have a wedding everyday."

"I expected everyday would be a high-spirited, love of country day after EDSA because I felt it during EDSA."


ANC, February 24, 2016