Ombudsman can look into bank accounts - Drilon

Posted at May 17 2012 11:06 AM | Updated as of May 17 2012 07:07 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Senator-judge Franklin Drilon sees nothing wrong with the Ombudsman’s move to ask for a report from the Anti-Money Laundering Council about the alleged dollar accounts of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Drilon said all government officials sign a waiver in their statement of assets, liabilities and net worth that the Ombudsman can look into their bank accounts.

He added in 2004, the Solicitor General issued a legal opinion that upheld this power of the Ombudsman.

Drilon also said some dollar accounts admitted to be in existence by Philippine Savings Bank president before the impeachment court match entries in the AMLC report.

"I limited my reading only to the account numbers already presented in the impeachment trial specifically the dollar account numbers of the Chief Justice in PSBank, which was admitted by PSBank to be existing except that the amounts were not revealed. So what we have shown earlier was...only one account number 373, which contains $769,000. That account number was presented as existing in the impeachment court by the testimony of PSBank President Garcia,” he said.

"I was able to point out to you and the impeachment court that this particular account, 5 accounts in fact, were admitted to be in existence by Garcia."

[email protected], May 17, 2012

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