What you should know about the dirtiest spot in your home

Posted at Sep 16 2015 04:40 AM | Updated as of Oct 16 2015 03:47 PM

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MANILA -- Sanitation and hygiene are major health issues in the Philippines, a tropical country where viral and contagious diseases are rampant, especially during the rainy season.

One of the most common viral diseases is the life-threatening Influenza virus or "flu," a highly contagious disease that can be fatal to children, who could die from dehydration. Its symptoms are fever, sore throat, diarrhea, muscle ache and fatigue, among others.

How do we prevent flu?

Flu can be easily prevented with proper hygiene and sanitation. Apart from regular hand-washing, maintaining a clean environment at home is essential, especially in areas like the living room, kitchen, and most importantly, the bathroom.

The bathroom, in particular, is considered one of the dirtiest spots, where disease-causing bacteria thrive. Experts recommend regular cleaning using a strong antibacterial solution that eliminates all known types of bacteria.

Health expert: laundry bleach not enough to kill germs in the toilet

Dr. Luisa Efren of the Philippine Public Health Association says that laundry bleach, a popular alternative cleaning solution is not enough to kill germs in the toilet.

That’s why experts recommend the use of a germ-kill expert like Domex thick bleach toilet cleaner for dirty areas like the bathroom.

Domex kills all known germs, dead*.

Domex is a powerful germ-kill expert that guards your family from diseases and infections. It is 5x thicker than laundry bleach, which enables it to provide wider surface protection as it spreads thoroughly around the toilet bowl. It also provides longer protection from germs as it clings to the toilet bowl even up to seven flushes versus laundry bleach which is removed in just one flush. Domex comes with a spout, enabling it to reach under the toilet rim to kill the bacteria that hide underneath.

This formulation is specially designed to kill germs and prevent them from multiplying afterwards.

Since Domex is now more affordable at P25, more Filipinos can afford to ensure safety from germs and from the threats that dirty toilet bowls pose to their health.

Kill germs before they attack your family.

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*When used pure.