Pinoys promote culture of kindness, says Chilean envoy

Posted at Mar 19 2013 12:36 PM | Updated as of Mar 19 2013 08:36 PM

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Chilean ambassador Roberto Mayorga praised Filipinos for promoting a culture of kindness, which he said is not usually seen in other countries.

"You have a culture of kindness, a culture of friendship, a culture of humility. You are always open to different people, to understand different opinions," Mayorga said in an interview on "[email protected]" on Tuesday.

"In other countries, the culture is of indifference, not kindness," he added. "You are one of the unique countries in the world that has calidad humana."

Mayorga said calidad humana, or human compassion, is usually manifested through smiles and a positive attitude.

He stressed, however, that this is not limited to having a good mood. "It's not the same calidad humana as happiness. Even in sadness, you [Filipinos] have a positive attitude toward others. You give priority and concern to others rather than material things."

"Although there's the challenge of getting more richness here (points to his pockets), you still have the richness in your hearts," he added.

Inspired by this virtue found in Filipinos, Mayorga came up with a photo essay contest titled "Calidad Humana Project: Smiles for the World." Here, contestants are required to send photos of Filipinos smiling in different circumstances, and these should be accompanied by an inspiring message.

"It's (smile) more than a facial expression. It comes from the internal spirit of the Filipinos. That's why we launched this photo contest," he said.

Watch this video for the rest of Mayorga's interview on "[email protected]"

[email protected], March 19, 2013

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