Rare total solar eclipse captivates America


Posted at Aug 22 2017 06:37 PM

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A rare total solar eclipse captivated the hearts of millions of Americans.

Onlookers who experienced the astronomical phenomenon cheered as the moon moved directly over the sun to create near total darkness.

One of the millions who witnessed the spectacle was New Yorker Zane Burnett who camped out in Columbia, Missouri to get the best view of the eclipse.

"We had front row seats. It was completely wild. The moon completely blacked out the sun... As the moon kind of made way and it felt like dusk breaking right around 1:25 in the afternoon, roosters started cackling at the sun so that was pretty wild," he said.

Burrnet added that if there was one word to describe the experience, it would be "surreal."

"I felt like I was part of something bigger and I felt like I was part of the crowd," he added.

Burnett said animals also reacted to the eclipse noting how crickets and birds chirped among others.

Millions of Americans gathered to witness the astronomical phenomenon which happened for the first time in nearly a decade.