Nostalgic Nokia 3310 makes much awaited comeback


Posted at Jun 14 2017 09:45 PM

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As the cellphone steadily became a must-have device for Filipinos in the previous decade, just one name was top of mind—Nokia.

The original Nokia company churned out dozens of models, each with newer and fancier features but one particular model quickly became a tried and tested favorite: the Nokia 3310.

First introduced in September 2000, the 3310 was considered back then to be feature-packed with a calculator, stopwatch, games and customizable ring tones.

Eventually, smartphones began to dominate mobile communications but nostalgia seems to have a way of creeping into the rapidly advancing world of tech as a new-generation Nokia 3310 makes its way to Manila.

Techpinas Editor-in-Chief Mark Macanas reviews the Nokia 3310 on this episode of Future Perfect.