John Lloyd impersonates Gerald on 'Sarah G Live'

Posted at Sep 09 2012 11:38 PM | Updated as of Sep 10 2012 07:38 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- Actor John Lloyd Cruz teased his two-time screen partner Sarah Geronimo on "Sarah G Live" on Sunday about her nipped-in-the-bud romance with actor Gerald Anderson.

Cruz even re-enacted a memorable moment on Geronimo's show when Anderson gave the singer a clock for her birthday last July.

"Hindi ba significant sa 'yo ang mga relo?" Cruz teased.

He then took off his watch and said, "Eto pala ang ibibigay ko sa 'yo..."

"Salbahe ka," Geronimo said.

"Tanda ito ng oras. ...Ang oras lumulipas," he continued amid delighted screams from the fans.

When Anderson presented Geronimo with the clock, he told her: "Mabilis ang oras kaya kung mayroon kang gustong gawin at sabihin, sabihin mo na. Time will decide what's best for us."

He then copied Anderson's mannerism in the primetime series, "Budoy."

As part of Geronimo's interview with Cruz, she asked him how does he know if he's already in love?

"Naniniwala ako na it is love kapag kaya mo siyang panindigan," he answered, then added, "Di ba, Sarah?"

Geronimo then feigned a heart attack, shouting, "Stroke, stroke."