Dolphy undergoes dialysis; bleeding internally

Posted at | Updated as of 06/22/12 4:37 AM
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MANILA, Philippines - Comedy King Dolphy is positive for internal bleeding and remains in critical condition, his son, Eric Quizon, said Thursday.

Quizon said Dolphy underwent dialysis to remove excess fluids and toxins from his body. He said doctors gave the go-signal for dialysis after his father's vital signs stabilized overnight.

He said the dialysis, which started at 2:40 pm, removed his father's twitchiness. He also said Dolphy opened his eyes briefly and surveyed the family.

"He opened his eyes voluntarily and looked around. If he could speak, he would thank you all," he said.

Quizon said the comedian is still in critical condition, adding that he is positive for internal hemorrhaging.

"There is hemorrhaging. We are trying to find out where it is," he said.

He also said his father's platelet count is low.  He added that his father received a blood transfusion.