Similarities and differences: The iPhone 8 and iPhone 7


Posted at Sep 28 2017 01:03 AM

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Some tech journalists have been saying that the iPhone 8 should have been called the iPhone 7s, as the form factor of Apple's new phone hardly changed from its previous generation. 

Manila Bulletin tech editor Art Samaniego on Wednesday showed that the iPhone 8 and its bigger cousin, the iPhone 8 Plus, could actually use phone cases and accessories made for the iPhone 7.

What changed though is that the new phones have new designs which use a glass back, as well as updated hardware including a faster processor. 

"Yung improvement niya, incremental," Samaniego told ANC's Future Perfect Tech Shorts. 

Despite this, he said the iPhone 8 is still worth upgrading to if you want the latest and greatest iPhone that still has a physical home button.

The iPhone X, which comes out in November, ditches the home button for an upward swipe from the bottom of the screen.