Balajadia: I almost said ‘java rice’ at CJ trial

Posted at Jun 04 2012 01:36 PM | Updated as of Jun 06 2012 05:35 AM

MANILA, Philippines - He was not part of the prosecution or the defense and he's not even a senator-judge but Senate sergeant-at-arms Jose Balajadia Jr. stood out as one of the well-remembered figures in the Corona impeachment trial.

In an interview with ANC, Balajadia said Senator Lito Lapid is the friendliest senator in the Upper Chamber. 

He said that after the incident where Chief Justice Renato Corona suddenly walked out of the trial, Lapid approached him and said: "Alam mo, pare. Tutulungan sana kita e. Dala ko na yung kabayo ko pero nakasara gate mo e."

He said Lapid also kidded him for always starting the impeachment trial with the words: "All rise."

"Parati ka 'rice' eh. Padadalhan kita ng ulam. Tilapia gusto mo?" he recounted Lapid as saying.

He revealed that he almost said "java rice" at the start of one trial after a Senate staffer kidded him about it.

Balajadia said he kept his composure during the Corona walkout since it was a volatile situation.

"My only focus at that time was  to avert a situation happening. He had 10 security people and I only had 4 at the door and there seems to be shoving and pushing," he said. 

"If there was a situation there, former Chief Justice Corona would have been collateral damage," he added.

ANC Dateline Philippines, June 4, 2012