Tina Monzon-Palma: ACJ will forever be in my heart

Posted at Apr 10 2012 05:40 PM | Updated as of Apr 11 2012 05:20 AM

Tina Monzon-Palma on Tuesday admitted that she initially resisted accepting the offer to co-anchor “The World Tonight” with the late broadcast journalist Angelo Castro Jr.

“I was resisting it for many, many months when they knew that Loren [Legarda] was running,” Monzon-Palma said during a tribute to ACJ.

Monzon-Palma said she signed on, thinking she would only be doing it for a short period time.

However, more than a decade later, Monzon-Palma remains as the news anchor of the “The World Tonight,” a task she shared for many years with Castro.

“I would like to thank June Keithly for the friendship of your husband. I’ve learned so many things about your home life, what you would eat for Sunday, what you would have for your Thanksgiving dinner. He was one man who really took his cooking very, very seriously. And I wanted to listen to him everyday because I wanted to become a good cook like him,” she said.

“He is a man who will forever be in my heart. I don’t know how it will be without him. I knew he was not around because he was sick but this time it will be different. He will never, ever come back,” she added.

With the passing of her partner, Monzon-Palma said “a fresh batch of outstanding newscasters in the bench of ABS-CBN and ANC” should be given a chance to anchor because she thinks “it is about time you retire ‘The World Tonight.’” -- ANC, April 10, 2012