Ging Reyes on ACJ: 'A class act all the way'

Posted at Apr 10 2012 05:14 PM | Updated as of Apr 11 2012 01:32 AM

Ging Reyes, head of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs, on Tuesday praised the late news anchor Angelo Castro Jr. as a “class act all the way.”

In a moving tribute to the World Tonight anchor, Reyes said Castro first hired her as a producer for a radio magazine show on DZRJ.

She said she was intimidated and intrigued by Castro’s offer and accepted it even though she had no idea how to do the show.

“We were not paid by our station but boy we had fun. It was our first playground,” she said.

She said she later followed Castro when he transferred to ABS-CBN News when the network reopened after the 1986 EDSA Revolution.

Reyes said Castro was a “perfectionist in every aspect of TV production” and would know, even before sitting on the anchor’s chair, if the lighting was bad.

“He demanded excellence. In The World Tonight, he would read and edit every script and would hurl his usual expletive over inaccuracy, bad grammar, wrong syntax... Hindi pa siya nakakaupo sa anchor chair alam na niya kung masama ang ilaw niya,” she said.

“He gave us his critiques but he never stopped there. He taught and mentored many of us, giving us confidence, boosting our morale and taking care not to praise us too much lest we become swellheads, making sure we were on our toes,” she added.

Reyes said Castro was the one who taught her “to have a Plan B and C whenever I produced a show.”

She admitted that Castro was strict and could have a temper but was also affectionate and sincere.

Reyes said Castro’s brand of excellence shone even on the last telecast of The World Tonight on Channel 2.

“We were all emotional. The staff angry and rebellious after the network decided to cancel the show on Channel 2's lineup. But not Angelo. He accepted that decision calmly and with grace. He refused to give way to mushy sentimentality, preferring to end the telecast by saying ‘We're history’ thereby signing off with dignity,” she said.

“Up to the every end, he did things that way - with pride and honor intact. A class act all the way.”

ANC, April 10, 2012