Ta-Ta Towel: Internet falls in love with 'ingenious' breast accessory


Posted at Aug 04 2017 06:16 PM

Ta-Ta Towel is being billed as the solution to boob sweat. Photo from the product's Facebook page

It's being hailed as the next big thing since sliced bread -- well, at least by women who can't seem to solve their sweaty boob problems. 

A new product called Ta-Ta Towel is the latest crafty invention to send the Internet into a frenzy, after being picked up by sites like BuzzFeed and Teen Vogue.

Erin Robertson came up with the idea one hot day in Los Angeles. The terry cloth contraption is a sling you wear over your neck that holds your breasts up when it's a hundred degrees out and you're shirtless. 

It's being called, aptly, a "boob hammock." 

Response to it has been generally positive, resulting in it being sold out (one would need four to six weeks for their orders). 

Others, however, remain skeptical on whether it is a game-changer (is a regular towel not enough?). 

Still, considering that the country's dog days last longer, this could be a fun gift idea come Christmas.

It's available for $45 (around P2,200), and in four colors.