Anne Curtis’ 'nip-slip' leads to fake anti-virus


Posted at Mar 25 2010 04:42 PM | Updated as of Mar 29 2010 05:57 AM

MANILA, Philippines  - Warning! Searching online for photos of Anne Curtis' wardrobe malfunction can be dangerous to your computer.

The Australian-born TV host and movie actress was performing a dance number while shooting live for a local noontime TV show when the right part of her top folded and accidentally showed her right breast.

News of the swimsuit mishap involving Curtis spread like wildfire earlier this week as photos of the wardrobe malfunction spread in social networks.

On Wednesday, Curtis said she felt disrespected and disheartened that the photos were being shared online and was even published by a local tabloid. She called on the people who were able to take a shot of the incident using their camera phones to delete it. She also appealed to those who uploaded the photo to take it down from their site and blogs.

A Trend Micro security alert, meanwhile, said cybercriminals have jumped on the sudden popularity of searches for Anne Curtis by spreading new, fake antivirus variants.

Using the usual blackhat search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, cybercriminals were able to make their malicious links the top-ranking results when users search for videos of the nip-slip incident.

These links lead to the download of TROJ_FAKEAV.ENZ, which when executed, displays fake warning boxes and application windows, tricking users into thinking their systems are infected by several malware and thus buying the fake antivirus.

"For cybercriminals, a celebrity’s demise is always an opportunity to make money. Other celebrities that were taken advantage of and used for social-engineering tactics include Brittany Murphy, Farrah Fawcett, and, of course, the ever-controversial Paris Hilton," it said.

The company said Internet users should always have the latest anti-virus programs to block user access to related malicious sites and prevent malware from being downloaded onto systems.