UFC 108: Daley confident of KO win over Hazelett


Posted at Dec 31 2009 12:13 AM | Updated as of Dec 31 2009 08:13 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Nottingham’s Paul Daley is so confident of his punching power that he said he sees little problem in facing 170-pound contender Dustin Hazelett in UFC 108 this coming weekend.

“I love to strike, exactly knocking people out… It's a God-given gift. There’s not many people who can knock people out in one punch,” said the 5’9” striker in a UFC promotional video.

Daley will meet Ohio native Hazelett in the Octagon for the undercard of UFC 108: Evans vs. Silva.

Daley said he considers every fight in the UFC as a title eliminator towards the 170-pound crown. And if confidence is the main basis in winning, he might just walk through Hazelett.

“The thing is my confidence is intimidating,” said Daley. “This confidence is a fact. I have 75-plus percent knock out ratio. So 75 percent of the time, if you get in the cage with me, you get knocked out.”

The English fighter backs this claim with his 22-8-2 MMA record, with most of his fights taking place outside the UFC.

It has been a long way for him to get into the UFC but Daley said it was worth the journey.

“I took to the sport as a boxer's take to boxing, you have to have all of those experience, you have to do your amateurs,” explained Daley. “For me to be in the UFC is already like fighting for the WBC title, it's the pinnacle of our sport.”

Facing Hazelett, however, is no walk in the park.

Hazelett is a grappling specialist capable of foiling even the most accurate of punchers.

“This is a classic grappler versus striker fighter. I do have better striking than the average grappler but he definitely has better striking than the average striker, in the UFC he’s no joke,” said Hazelett.

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belter acknowledged that Daley carries a heavy punch that could knock the lights out of any fighter.

Hazelett, however, said that the grappling ability of his opponent from England leaves a lot to be desired.

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