Lakers turn to chocolate milk after every game for recovery

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Posted at Dec 18 2015 09:43 PM

In the middle of another lost season, the Los Angeles Lakers found a treat to mend help their aching bodies, put a little comfort after every disappointing loss and a toast to celebrate every victory.

The Lakers found chocolate milk. Yes, that delightful drink that is now being used by a professional basketball team for athletic purposes.

In a report by ESPN's Baxter Holmes, the Lakers are now using chocolate milk, one that is low-sugar and made from milk courtesy of grass-fed cows, as the cornerstone for their player's recovery after every game.

"Players are initially like, 'Huh? I love chocolate milk and if you say it's good for me, great. I'm down for this,'" Lakers strength and conditioning coach Tim DiFrancesco said per Holmes. "I think the players are initially puzzled by it because maybe they haven't seen that a lot, but I think a lot of people in my industry are aware of the evidence that supports this."

The formula was specially made by Whole Foods, the company that caters the meals to the team.

And the players love it, even Kobe Bryant himself.

The Lakers love their chocolate milk so much that every bottle has initials so no one gets another player's bottle. Bad things tend to happen when that takes place.

"Guys get furious if their chocolate milk is taken. Nick [Young] and Roy [Hibbert], if they don't get their chocolate milk, they throw a hissy fit," Lakers rookie Larry Nance Jr. said.

Nobody touch the chocolate milk.

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