Can Mayweather be beat? Maidana shows how


Posted at Dec 18 2013 06:59 PM | Updated as of Dec 19 2013 02:59 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Did Argentinian fighter Marcos Maidana show a blueprint on how to defeat American superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his victory against Adrien “The Problem” Broner last week?

The hard-hitting Maidana pressured Broner for 12 rounds and dropped him to the canvas twice en route to a unanimous decision victory.

According to Maidana’s trainer, Robert Garcia, Maidana followed their game plan to the letter, which was tailored precisely to overwhelm a defensive fighter like Broner.

“We were ready to throw 100 punches a round,” Garcia revealed in a RingTV interview. “It was like he threw more in some rounds, or like he could come close to that.”

According to Garcia, volume punching was the key to beating Broner -- and is also a way to beat Mayweather, who is considered to be the best defensive fighter of his generation.

“We know that’s the only way to beat somebody like Adrien Broner, or that’s the way to beat somebody like Floyd Mayweather Jr.,” said Garcia. “That’s the way (Robert) Duran beat Sugar Ray Leonard the first time.”

“Those are the types of styles that beat the great defensive fighters,” the trainer explained. “Don’t respect them, keep pressure on them.”

“That’s how (Julio Cesar) Chavez was eventually able to beat (Meldrick) Taylor by knocking him out in the last round – by just constantly keeping up the pressure and throwing punches and not giving him the respect and no chance at all to breathe,” he added.

“That’s what Maidana did to Adrien Broner.”

Maidana was considerably more active than Broner throughout the 12-round fight, landing 120 more punches and connecting on 109 more power punches.

Maidana also connected on 101 body shots, according to Showtime statisticians.