Analyst: Donaire different from Floyd, Ward


Posted at Dec 18 2012 09:07 PM | Updated as of Dec 19 2012 05:07 AM

Ring pundit says 'Filipino Flash' the most creative fighter today

MANILA, Philippines – “Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire Jr. is becoming a more and more intelligent fighter in each passing bout and this could pose problems for his future opponents, a fight analyst said.

According to the Sweet Science’s Lee Wylie, Donaire’s recent technical knockout win over Jorge Arce showed that the Filipino Flash has the ability to adapt or adjust inside the ring. 

“During his last three outings, Donaire has shown that he now has the deciphering skills to figure out an opponent’s style and adapt to it accordingly -- we saw him pressurizing and getting inside on a taller opponent in Jeffery Mathebula, and against Toshiaki Nishioka and now Jorge Arce, we’ve seen a more strategic, trap-setting Donaire,” said the boxing expert.

Wylie said that Arce, who is known for his brawling style, has opted to fight defensively against Donaire in an effort to neutralize the Filipino’s counterpunching tactics.

But the Filipino Flash was able to open up Arce by using feints and single jabs, forcing the Mexican to revert back to his brawling ways.

Donaire took advantage of this and scored three huge knockdowns that gave him his fourth straight victory this year.

“Donaire, by way of his superior ring intelligence, assessed the situation and managed to figure out a way of opening up an opponent who wasn’t really looking to open up… once Arce was floored, we saw him resort back to something more like his old self where Donaire would soon put the finishing touches on yet another masterpiece,” said Wylie.

“Personally, I think Nonito Donaire is the most creative offensive fighter in the sport right now. He’s at the opposite end of the spectrum to the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Andre Ward who are always looking to stymie and stifle.”