Marquez, Pacquiao test negative for drugs


Posted at Dec 15 2012 08:21 PM | Updated as of Dec 16 2012 04:25 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao tested negative for drug use following their 4th fight last week.

Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), told RingTV’s Lem Satterfield that the urine samples of Marquez and Pacquiao showed no trace of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). 

"They were tested for everything -- steroids, diuretics, masking agents, drugs of abuse, and they came back negative for everything," said Kizer.

An increase in Marquez’s muscle mass aroused suspicions of steroid use due to his partnership with strength coach Angel Hernandez, who was involved in PED distribution.

But despite Hernandez’s checkered past, he was never convicted of any crime.

"Those tests came back negative because we did not use any performance enhancing drugs, and I think that it's time for those who are making the judgments to stick to the facts,” said Hernandez.

The conditioning coach said he plans to sue several individuals who accused Marquez of using steroids.

“There will be lawsuits pursued against [various individuals,] because it's unfair to judge an athlete like Juan Manuel Marquez whose proceedings have been honest in this sport for more than 20 years. Juan Manuel Marquez is a tremendous fighter and human being," said Hernandez.

Pacquiao's boxing coach Freddie Roach, earlier, cast doubts on Marquez's speedy weight gain.

Roach alleged that the Mexican might have been "using something" to boost his muscle mass.

He, however, took his statements back, claiming that he was merely joking.

Marquez scored a stunning knockout win against Pacquiao during the 6th round of their 4th faceoff.