Getty Images lawyer seeks sanctions vs Pacquiao, aides


Posted at Dec 15 2012 06:27 PM | Updated as of Dec 16 2012 02:45 AM

MANILA, Philippines – The corporate counsel of Getty Images is seeking stiff sanctions against Manny Pacquiao and 2 of his aides for attacking their photographer, Al Bello.

Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole reported that Getty Image’s counsel, Lizanne Vaughan, sent a letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) seeking a "significant suspension period" against Pacquiao, his adviser Michael Koncz and co-trainer Restituto “Buboy” Fernandez. 

"We expect that you will take all appropriate actions against Mr. Pacquiao and his entourage, and expect that such will include a significant suspension period,” said Vaughan in her letter.

Koncz and Fernandez reportedly attacked Bello after they saw the photographer taking shots of the fallen Pacquiao following the boxer’s knockout defeat to Juan Manuel Marquez last week.

Koncz and Fernandez have issued separate statements, offering their apologies to Bello.

Pacquiao’s adviser said the incident was caused by a misunderstanding.

“And if it was construed any other way, then he has my sincerest apology,” he said.

Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico is directed to a neutral corner after knocking out Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines, during the sixth round of their welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada December 8, 2012. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Fernandez, for his part, sought the help of Philboxing’s Ed de la Vega to send his message across to Bello.

“Please help me tell the gentleman involved in the incident that I am deeply sorry for what happened,” Fernandez said. “I did not mean any harm. My reaction was just a result of the heat of the moment.”

He said he was confused and didn’t know how to react after seeing his best friend go down.

“Please tell him I am truly sorry.”

Bello himself said that he doesn’t want to get the police involved in the case. All he wanted was for Koncz and Fernandez to admit their mistake.

However, Vaughan said it won’t be enough.

“It is our view that an apology, while appropriate, is an insufficient consequence alone and will certainly not deter similar behavior in the future," she said.

Not Pacquiao’s fault

Top Rank president Todd duBoef said both Koncz and Fernandez need to take responsibility for their actions.

But he couldn’t understand why Vaughan is holding Pacquiao liable as the boxer was still unconscious when the commotion took place.

"Pacquiao didn't do anything wrong," duBoef said.

"There was a lot of emotion on the part of some people in his camp. If Koncz and Buboy did something, they need to be accountable for it. They need to talk to the commission and talk to the Getty people, but I don't see how you could ever think Manny Pacquiao would be responsible for that."