PH chosen venue of first NASCAR race in Asia

By Nelson Beltran (The Philippine Star)

Posted at Dec 12 2012 09:43 AM | Updated as of Dec 12 2012 10:09 PM

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines makes history in car racing as it hosts the first-ever Euro Racecar NASCAR Championship in Asia in November 2013 that will feature the best stock car drivers in the world at Clark Field, Pampanga.

Euro Racecar NASCAR chief executive officer Jerome Galpin and Philippine Formula Autosports Foundation Inc. president Tom Pastor formally signed the agreement yesterday, paving the way for the country’s historic staging of the premier car racing event.

Big names in Philippine autosports witnessed the contract-signing ceremony held at the Manila Golf Club in Makati.

“We’re very excited to bring such a huge sporting franchise like a full-fledged Euro Racecar NASCAR race to the Philippines. Every time a Euro Racecar NASCAR race occurs, fans turn these events into virtual parties and we can’t wait to bring that energy to Manila in November 2013,” said Galpin.

“For most of us, our immersion into the world of Euro Racecar NASCAR came about thanks to movies like ‘Days of Thunder’ or ‘Cars.’ Those have shown just a glimpse into the intense and colorful world of Euro Racecar NASCAR. The races inspire such passion from the fans and we hope to bring that energy and enthusiasm to Philippine motorsports enthusiasts next year,” said Pastor.

Adding excitement to the November event is the participation of Filipino racecar driver Enzo Pastor.

A slot to serve as Pastor’s partner and slots for two backup drivers are now waiting to be filled for next year’s Euro Racecar NASCAR race.

“It’s an honor and privilege to represent the country in this giant league. This is our chance to make our mark. This is our chance to shine. This is our chance to bring the country back in world map of car racing,” said Pastor.

Autosports Association of the Philippines chief Mandy Eduque admitted there’s much to be done to make Clark Speedway pass world standard. He’s confident, however, that there’s enough time to do this.

Johnny Tan, the owner of the racetrack, also witnessed the contract-signing event.

Everyone looked ready to help as Philippine autosports takes steps to regain glory in world car racing.

Galpin said they decided to bring the event to the Philippines as they trust the organizational competence of the Filipinos and believe in the talent of Filipino drivers.

“We do believe you have talented drivers that can compete in our series,” said Galpin.