'Pacquiao should get no more than $50-M for Floyd fight'


Posted at Nov 18 2012 01:06 AM | Updated as of Nov 18 2012 05:06 PM

MANILA, Philippines – The trainer of Floyd Mayweather Jr. has advised Manny Pacquiao to be practical in his efforts to get that elusive super-fight with the unbeaten American.

Roger Mayweather, Floyd's uncle and boxing coach, said Pacquiao should be “wise” enough to accept whatever amount he was offered.

Roger said if the Filipino boxer really wants the fight, he should get no more than $50 million.

“He has not made $40 million, period. He's been getting $20 million. So what you crying about?” the boxing trainer said in an interview with On The Ropes Boxing Radio

Roger said he finds Pacquiao’s 45-55 split offer absurd because he was dealing with a boxing champion with an unblemished record.

He added that the Filipino shouldn’t bother himself about the split, claiming that Floyd is the bigger draw.

“Problem ain't no money, my nephew is undefeated! It ain't going to be no problem about money cause everybody knows who's going to get the most money cause who's got the best record?”

Roger believes the super-fight will eventually happen because it is unlikely for the Filipino boxer to turn his back on $50 million.

“The fight will happen. If we give him that $40 million, $45 million it's going to happen, $45-50 million he's going to fight for it. You think he ain't?” he said.