Roach admits Pacquiao was overtrained


Posted at Nov 16 2011 05:20 PM | Updated as of Nov 17 2011 02:45 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Five-time Trainer of the Year Freddie Roach admits Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao "over trained" for his bout against Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez last Saturday in Las Vegas (Sunday in Manila).

Pacquiao held a 10-week training camp for the trilogy bout against Marquez, longer than his usual 8-week training camps.

Even though most of the people in Team Pacquiao said the boxer was having one of his best training camps in his career, Pacquiao struggled in his match against Marquez, escaping with a controversial majority decision victory.

On Twitter, one of Roach's followers asked him: "Do you think Manny is starting to lose, or just a bad night?"

Roach answered, "Just a bad night. I over trained him, won't happen again."

Roach, along with strength and conditioning trainer Alex Ariza, had predicted an early victory for Pacquiao, even saying that the fight won't last six rounds.

Afterward, Roach admitted that he was wrong in his assessment of Marquez's game plan, as he expected Marquez to be more aggressive and attack Pacquiao.

Instead, Marquez used his excellent footwork and counter-punching skill to frustrate the Filipino boxer. Nevertheless, Pacquiao was the more active and aggressive fighter, based on CompuBox numbers, and the judges awarded him the victory.

Pacquiao said after the fight that he suffered from cramps starting the second round and this affected his balance and in-an-out movements.

"(We're) taking Manny Pacquiao to the best clinic possible," Roach said when asked about the cramps, adding that they had no explanations yet for why the boxer experienced them.

Although Pacquiao was not at his best against Marquez, Roach remained confident that his prized ward will be able to beat another one of boxing's great counterpunchers, the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"Floyd Mayweather is the first choice, if he comes to the table we'll take the fight any day," Roach tweeted.