'For Floyd, losing is just like dying'


Posted at Nov 02 2012 08:14 PM | Updated as of Nov 03 2012 04:14 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Floyd Mayweather Jr. would not take the risk of fighting Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao because he simply doesn’t want to lose, Top Rank CEO Bob Arum told an American daily newspaper.

Arum said Mayweather cares so much about maintaining his unbeaten status that he refuses a $200-million fight.

"For Floyd, the worst thing next to dying is losing," Arum told USA Today

Arum said the prospect of a lucrative bout against Pacquiao no longer attracts Mayweather because the undefeated American does not need the money.

"Would you risk dying for a big chunk of money? He is not starving. He makes more money than most athletes, so he doesn't want to 'die,'” said the veteran promoter. “That's the only way I can figure it out. Nobody can believe it. Otherwise, it makes no sense. No sense!''

Mayweather, who carries a “pristine” boxing record of 43 wins and no defeat, recently scoffed at Pacquiao’s split offer.

Apart from already agreeing to undergo random drug testing, the Filipino has also proposed a 55-45 split of revenue in favor of the American boxer.

But Mayweather said Pacquiao has no right to “dictate” such conditions.

“You have to realize this: in my opinion, Manny Pacquiao is desperate,” Mayweather said in Fight Hype. “He doesn’t make his own decisions, because Manny Pacquiao has a boss, his promoter, that makes his decisions.” 

Arum earlier said that Mayweather always had difficulties handling southpaw boxers.

More so if he faces a hard puncher like Pacquiao, he added.

“We promoted Mayweather for many, many years and one thing he never wanted to do is fight a southpaw, particularly a quick southpaw who throws punches from many angles. Look at Mayweather’s style and a decent southpaw is going to give him trouble all the time,” said Arum in Rope-a-Dope Radio