Dos Santos claims he can KO Klitschko


Posted at Nov 01 2012 05:35 PM | Updated as of Nov 02 2012 01:35 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos believes he can defeat Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko, who is widely considered as the top heavyweight in the world.

Dos Santos is among the best boxers in mixed martial arts, possessing a combination of hand-speed and one-punch knockout power.

In an interview with ESPN, he expressed confidence that he has what it takes to beat Klitschko, who currently holds three different world championships. 

“I could beat that guy, man. Maybe not easy, but I could knock him out,” Dos Santos said.

The 6-foot-6 Klitschko holds a physical advantage over the 6-foot-4 Dos Santos, but the Brazilian said he has a plan to overcome this.

“I watch a lot of fights with Wladimir, and I see a lot of holes,” he said. “Wladimir, the Klitschkos, they’re amazing. I like to watch them fight, especially Wladimir, but it’s kind of boring.”

Klitschko and his older brother, Vitali, have dominated boxing’s heavyweight division for most of the decade.

‘They are really good at what they do,” Dos Santos said of the Klitschko brothers. “But they are very careful. They don’t go to the fight to finish the fight.”

“They stay there in that safe strategy all the time. It’s not the Mike Tyson time. Guys don’t finish fights,” he added.

Although he believes he can beat Klitschko, Dos Santos insists he has no plans of challenging the Ukrainian boxer any time soon.

“I love who I am, and I want to stay in MMA. Boxing is going down,” Dos Santos said.

Dos Santos will defend his UFC heavyweight title against former champion Cain Velasquez of Mexico on December 29 at UFC 155.