Rios to force Pacquiao into a slugfest


Posted at Oct 30 2013 08:50 PM | Updated as of Oct 31 2013 04:58 AM

MANILA – Boxing coach Robert Garcia said his fighter Brandon Rios knows only one way to fight and that is to brawl.

Garcia said during a teleconference call with the boxing media that it will be Rios’ biggest chance against a craftier and faster fighter in Manny Pacquiao.

“That’s what we are going to do. We are going to try to make it into a brawl,” said Garcia.

The boxing trainer said Rios had much success as a fighter when he slugged it out with his opponents. Out of the 31 fighters Rios has beaten, 23 have failed to reach the final round.

Garcia added that it would be a terrible strategy for the Mexican-American fighter to try to outbox a more polished fighter like Pacquiao.

“I think if we were getting ready to outbox, Manny it would be trying. Everybody knows how Brandon fights and nothing is going to change Brandon,” he said.

Rios is also expected to use his size advantage against the Filipino fighter, who is struggling to keep up his weight.

Boxing promoter Bob Arum said that at 5’9”, Rios will come in bigger and heavier than the 5’6 ½” Pacquiao on fight night.

“Pacquiao is a much smaller guy. Brandon towers over Pacquiao; Brandon is much taller than Pacquiao. As far as the weight is concerned, that is one of Freddie’s biggest problems,” said the top Rank Inc. CEO.