Marquez says Pacquiao doesn't want to be attacked

by Dennis Gasgonia,

Posted at Oct 26 2011 11:07 PM | Updated as of Oct 27 2011 07:07 AM

HBO documentary shows bitter Marquez

MANILA, Philippines – Juan Manuel Marquez sees a chink in Manny Pacquiao’s armor.

In the first episode of HBO 24/7 Pacquiao vs Marquez, the Mexican boxer said the Filipino champion has the tendency to panic when swarmed by punches.

“Pacquiao doesn't want to be attacked,” Marquez said.

Pacquiao has had two of the toughest fights in his career against the counterpunching expert from Mexico.

In 2004, the two fought to a draw. Four years later, Pacquiao won by a narrow margin.

Both fights ended in controversy.

“I'm a fighter who uses intelligence. Who attacks, who counterpunches, and uses combinations that others haven't used,” said Marquez.

“I think my style is difficult for him,” he added.

Marquez showed bitterness over his loss to Pacquiao in their second fight.

He said he could have had the same stature Pacquiao is presently enjoying if not for the controversial split decision to the Filipino.

“We thought we won the second fight. We won by two or three points. To have won those two fights would put me where Pacquiao is now,” Marquez said.

“It would have changed everything,” he added.

His boxing coach, the legendary Nacho Beristain, said that he recognized Pacquiao’s explosiveness during Marquez’s first fight against the Filipino.

He said he knew that Pacquiao was a different breed of boxer as soon as the Filipino decked Marquez thrice in the first round.

“We understood in that moment, we were going up against something more than we'd been expecting. A bundle of dynamite that looked like a Filipino guy,” said Beristain.

But Beristain said Marquez was no ordinary boxer, either.

“Boxing is traumatic, difficult. But Juan enjoys it, because on the other side of the chessboard, he's facing the champion of the world.”